Latest Blog Read Technologies News Around You
Latest Blog Read Technologies News Around You
Medical Practice & Hospital Apps Boost Healthcare Performance
In 2014 an event occurred that forever transformed online communication. For the first time ever, mobile internet use became more common than PC/desktop brows  read more
Why SMB survival is directly related to their ability & agility to adapt right technology solutions…
In today's fast-changing market dynamics, it's very important for SMB's to change their thought process. SMB's could no longer afford to be stuck in an outdated  read more
Where Does Consulting CTO Come In?
TechnoSIP core team specializes in CTO-level services to small and emerging companies. TechnoSIP core-team have spent over a decade providing strategic technolo  read more
Thought process for startups – Consulting CTO
What should be the thought processes for a startup after receiving approval. To build a team of web engineers first and then select a technology stack or other   read more
Wondering what is Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Mining and Predictive Analytics?
Artificial Intelligence is the field of computer science that deals with training machine/computer to do intelligent task as human do – prediction, sentiment  read more
Machine learning and predective analytics solutions
Predictive analytics - Todays Businesses collect large amounts of real-time customer data and predictive analytics uses this large set of data, combined with c  read more

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