Healthcare and Pharma industry are in middle of a massive transformation as a result of a digital revolution. Health and Pharma are data-driven and data-intensive industries were a huge amount of data is generated by a various player in the health care system, health care provider, pharmacies, labs, diagnostic centers, insurer, public and private payers.

Each new patient and case added to these health organization, creates additional stress on the existing outdated systems and results into disastrous implication for healthcare providers and patients. Mismanaged and stressed data system might manifest itself into various issues. Unavailability of this data between the various healthcare providers handling the patient, outdated availability of data, not able to access the data in real time might impact the quality of care delivered and result into unsatisfied patients.

To stay competitive and improve ROI along with improving patient satisfaction by providing quality of care its high time for healthcare providers and Pharma industry to leverage on Mobility, IoMT/IoT ( Internet of Medical Things) and Analytical solutions before it threaten their survival.

Below are couple of problems and use case for Healthcare and Pharma industry that could be solved by us by deploying digital solutions, Mobile App, Wearables, IoT and analytical solutions.

  • Patient Management App - Seamless Patient - Doctor communication and easy access for patient to their EMR.

  • IoMT device enabled monitoring App - Doctor can monitor remotely in real-time behaviour and symptoms of patients based on the data generated by the wearables medical device used by the patient.

  • Clinical Assistance App - Doctors can access patients EHR , lab reports during appointment. Educate patient on the lab report and images to help patient understand the heath issue better

  • Health Facility Information App - Provide Health facility information like available doctors, services offered, facility information, surrounding neighborhoods to patient on the fly over Mobile App

  • Clinical Trials App - Manage effectively clinical trials.

  • Chronic Care Management App - Share with patient chronic care management plan, 24/7 health assistance over phone and online, Simplified HIPAA complaint enrollment process.

  • Predictive Analytics based Schedule Management - Using machine learning and predictive model based on the historic information and behavioral data smart algorithm can predict the probability of the patient showing up for the scheduled appointment. It helps facility to better manage and allocate resources.

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