Consulting CTO get the best talent in the market
Consulting CTO get the best talent in the market

Why do you need a Consulting CTO?

TechnoSIP team believes technology landscape is dynamic, as a Startup company you are trying to solve a unique business problem. It's very important for you to be razor focused on you business problem at hand. At the same time, your success depends upon what technology stack you are using to solve your problem.Apple products use Objective-C, Android uses Java, there are engines which work for both but your mileage will vary. For website backends, you have a very wide choice of languages. For starters research Ruby on Rails (easy to get something up, but scales poorly), Python (easy, scales better, but less boilerplate is done for you), PHP (can be a royal pain to maintain), and Java (sometimes considered a heavy-handed solution, benefits/drawbacks controversial, the same language as Android but the benefit of having both be in the same language is extremely minimal). Each startup is unique and needs a unique set of technology stacks. You need someone who could help you stay relevant and it's time for to get onboard a consulting CTO.

Consulting CTO will help Startup, SMB, and Enterprise to assist their existing technology team with a specific expertise or will bring fresh insight to the table.

  • Provides key insight into technologies and systems with respect to current and future industry and market conditions
  • Identifies specific risks associated with the technologies and technology processes
  • Assesses the quality and operational capacity of technology assets
  • Assesses compliance to industry “Best Practices”, standards or customer provided metrics
  • Identifies deficient technologies or processes
  • Assesses the efficacy and completeness of records and documented procedures
  • Assesses the quality and technical depth and breadth of the technical management and staff
  • Assists the client with understanding the findings and recommendations and if desired to determine how to address the gaps in the processes and technologies


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