Stop leaving your personal items behind! No more walking away and forgetting to bring your stuff! No more lost and found!

Don’t Leave It! is the patent pending app that reminds you not to leave your location without bringing your personal items with you. No extra hardware required. The first app of its kind.

Just pick an item you don’t want to leave without (e.g. BACKPACK), set how far you can walk away before getting an alert (e.g. 60 STEPS), and Don’t Leave It! will remind you to bring your item if you walk away.

What we did

Don't Leave It App! is Native iOS app developed by TechnoSIP Inc. Don't Leave It App was a challenging app as TechnoSIP team has to push technologies boundaries to develop a functional patent pending app.

TechnoSIP experience project manager meet regularly with client in-person at TechnoSIP Inc NYC office to understand the requirement, research, refine the requirement, brainstorm the idea, highlight the various gaps in the initial requirement, user flow and develop the wireframe. Once wireframe was formulated for the app , TechnoSIP design team came up with a design for the app based on initial design inputs provided by the client. After multiple iterations through the design phase, designs were finalized by the client's approval. Approved client design was provided to the development team and development team proceeded with the development as per the agreed upon development plan. A weekly installer that includes developed features for a week were tested by the test team and with the approval of Project Manager was send to client for client feedback. Based on intermediate client feedback subsequent installers were provided to the client. On completion of the development phase, an app was release to beta users and finally to App Store and post deployment support was handled.

This app uses high precision user-coordinates and movements, hence it was a challenging app in itself and needed extensive and regress testing to make sure the complex functionality perform without any issues .

We used Location Service (GPS) to track user movements and used pedometer as a fallback. We used Local Custom Notification to notify users when they go out of range. This push notification ring for 30 secs


Functionality & Device Features

The app uses following iOS device features :

  1. Smart Algorithm Engine - Smart algorithm engine is a very complex module that hide all the complexity of switching between GPS, Pedometer, perimeter determination, user status like running, driving, walking and stationary hidden from the actual user so that user can use the app seamlessly.
  2. Pedometer - Pedometer is used to track user movement and trigger alerts when user moves out of selected range. It is used to track user travelled steps. Pedometer also act as a fallback just in case GPS is not available or if GPS signal is very weak.
  3. GPS (Location Services) - GPS is used to capture user real time coordinates to tag the items. A complex set of rules internally identify when user is walking, running or stationary and accordingly manages the alert and perimeter breach.
  4. Local Notification - Local Notification is used to trigger Notifications and alert user when they cross the set boundaries.
  5. In-app Purchase - In-App Purchase api is implemented to give user option to remove ads from app.
  6. Custom Icon Color Wheel - User can create on the fly custom icons using the scrollable color wheel selector.
  7. History & Google Map Integration - User can go to history and see list of alert and the auto capture locations for the alerts on the google map.

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