Each Startup idea is different and are at different stages like pre launch, pre revenue, bootstrapped, seed funded, angel funded, VC funded. Each stage of the startup has unique challenges. We have worked extensively with startups at various stages in their life cycle and understand their needs better. Our idea is to bring our expertise of working with various startup client to help you solve your business challenges.

Our team member has been part of NYC best meeting up group select committee were in their job was to evaluate startup and put them through Angel/VC for vetting. This has provided us with valuable insight to understand what are the building blocks needed for the startup product to be viable for Angel/VC funding. We advise and build your product MVP and roadmap to help you succeed.

We have worked extensively with digital media agency to develop mobile app, website, launch page for various marketing and advertising campaigns for their client. We understand reliability and on time delivery is very important to be a trusted partner and to be your extended team

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