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We have a proven strategic software development partner building the most complex custom web applications for startups, SMBs, and large-scale enterprises leveraging the top-notch technologies frameworks, databases, and APIs.

Top-notch Web Application Development

At Technosip, we are motivated to scale and grow your business as we have more than a decade of expertise in building business-specific applications that meet your high expectations and quality standards. Encompassing a team of software nerds and technical experts, we at, Technosip caters the end to end needs of custom-fit web application development. Our cutting-edge web application development services and custom programming services cover everything from a simple content management system to custom software development, custom ERP development, smart analytical dashboard, custom ERP development, and have skillful expertise in deploying a custom web application to the all shapes and size of clients.
Throughout the development journey, we help you pick the right set of tools and technologies as needed to deploy business-specific applications, one that can help you scale and grow high.

Where traditional web application development restricts your organizational reach, customized web application development solutions rendered by us help you extend beyond borders. We excel in developing applications that can seamlessly function on all platforms, irrespective of the kind. Whether you want to build your app using Python, PHP, Laravel, Angularjs, Reactjs, .Net, Nodejs, or WordPress, we have got you covered. From a simple one-to-one website to a complex consumer-driven website, we offer solutions that are specifically built according to your needs.

Our Diverse Web Application Development Services

Enterprise Application Development

At Technosip, we are offering a wide range of enterprise software development services to adapt rapid market change and meet your digital transformational goals to get your products and services to market faster.

Web Portal Development

We have proven expertise in creating customer-focused web portals that combine all the necessary functionality in a convenient and easy to use way. We also ensure that multiple features work independently and smoothly co-ordinate with their users.

eCommerce App Development

Our dedicated, skilled developers will guide you from proof-of-concept to implementation, followed by deep performance tuning to ensure the continued success of your eCommerce store.

Industry-specific Business Solutions

Leverage our rich industry expertise to build solutions that solve business challenges in all the emerging industries, whether it is healthcare, retail, banking or manufacturing. Our designers and developers have in-depth knowledge and top-of-the-line expertise to implement and integrate these concepts with your existing system.

SPAs Web Development

Professionally developed SPAs are indeed secure and offer immersive web experience. We have proven expertise in designing as well as developing SPAs to make sure cross-browser and responsiveness compatibility fulfilling user’s expectations and performance considerations.

Progressive Web App Development

In today’s digital era, smartphones and tablets are playing a pivotal role, and mobile-friendly nature of application has become a mandatory criterion. We have skilful expertise in creating mobile-enabled progressive web applications following Google’s progressiveness guideline.

Our Custom Web Application Development Process

custom web application development process

Web Application Development Services

Technosip is known for the on-time deliverables and versatility. Our team of experts is equally versatile in client-side coding as much as server-side scripting. Our web application development services help to implement software that can be accessed with a platform-independent web-browser as your single interface. Technosip caters to both B2B and B2C customers through solutions that encompass the internet and intranet across technologies and industries. Technosip reviews client requirements extensively to provide quality on-time deliverables. If you are looking for such top-of-the-line web application development services, then connect with us today.

Technosip’s Web Application Technology Stack

Frontend Development

Our skilled developers keep up with the latest technological trends to meet the growing user demands needs for simplicity and make it visually interactive. To make your web application look visually appealing, intuitive and stylish, we are offering a wide range of front-end technologies:

Languages and Techniques: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax

Frameworks: Bootstrap, Materialize, jQuery, Foundation, Backbone.js, Angular, Vue.js, Ember.js, React, Meteor, Node.js

Backend Development

Our backend development services are in accordance with your end user’s business requirements irrespective of the technologies we use. For convenient and further administration, we are offering deployment as well as customization for an appropriate content management system.

Languages: PHP, Java, Python, JavaScript (NodeJS), Ruby, Scala

Frameworks: Laravel, Symfony, Zend Framework (for legacy web app maintenance), CakePHP, Django, Ruby on Rails, Pyramid, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, JSF, Express

CMSs: WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Pimcore

Database Development

Whether you already have a database or need assistance with an integration, we can help with the widely known SQL and NoSQL databases, including:

Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Aurora, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, Redis, CouchDB, PostgreSQL, Sybase, DB2

What Makes Technosip a Leader in Web Application Development Services

Your Needs - Our Experts

Custom web application is all about building a website that is specifically designed to meet the needs of the business or solve a business problem. With Technosip custom website application development services, all your requirements would be taken care of by our experts. These are people who have in-depth knowledge about your business and end-user. And while they work on the development process, they keep the needs and expectations of your end customers within the loop to offer business-specific solutions.

The Faster The Better

Adhering to the pace at which competition is rising, accelerating the development process happens to be one of the top concerns. Partnering with Technosip, you will never have to worry about the time to market as our experts are on toes to get your project launched in the market at the earliest. We have a proven track record of quicker development for all of the SaaS and SMB applications built by our team, to date.

Experienced Player

When stepping in the domain of custom-fit web application, you would need someone who has years of experience. Technosip has been in the industry for long and built several SaaS applications helping organizations grow and excel in their business undertakings. We are time tested and own the knack to deal with challenges that come along the development process swiftly and skilfully.

The Development Timeline

We follow an agile approach where each step is dealt with the utmost importance and developed in the best possible way.
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Case Studies

Highly Interactive and Scalable Web Application Development

Highly Interactive and Scalable Web Application Development

BevConnect Inventory App

BevConnect Inventory App

Optimizing Child-Parent Relationship with Daycare App

Optimizing Child-Parent Relationship with Daycare App


Got questions? Here are answers…

Who is Technosip?

Well, you can find a nice timeline about us on our website, but here we would like you to have you a look at Technosip’s philosophy.

With more than a decade, Technosip is helping clients to identify Technology Strategic Inflection Points (SIP) for the life cycle of the client’s business and help them rediscovered new growth areas. Technosip was founded to help clients around the world to understand and navigate the changing market dynamics by identifying their business-specific technology strategic inflection point and help them reinvent toward accelerated growth.

Technosip Inc is New York-based Web Application Development, Mobile App’s Design and Development company that leverages next-gen technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and has been consistently delivering cutting edge technology solutions with an emphasis on close collaboration and long-term commitment.

Can you give me a brief about Technosip’s client base?

Our valuable clients are:

  • Non-technical business owners and key people with the title like, CEO, CTO, MD, President, Director of Technology, Director of Operations

  • Business owners who want to leverage the benefits of digital transformation

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises to large-scale businesses anywhere from founder run to 500 employees.

We are serving in the majority domains like Healthcare, Fintech, BFSI, Salesforce, eCommerce, Real Estate, and Startups. And, we have top-of-the-line proficiency in all the top-notch technologies.

Let meet you through about some quick facts:

  • The average client has been working with Technosip is 1.8 years on a regular basis.

  • Since 2010, we have successfully served 200+ client projects and have helped 100+ companies around the world

  • 96% of clients have referred our services

  • We are currently serving 11+ clients simultaneously 

What is the team strength of Technosip?

We have 30+ dedicated software developers and creative designers.

Typical hours worked per month?

160 dedicated hours. 40 hours per week minimum. Subjected to project timeline and deliveries we work tirelessly for on-time delivery.

How long does it take to start my project once I pay initial charges?

Once the initial formalities are completed, the first project kickoff meeting is scheduled immediately by our project/product manager.

How can I ensure productivity and charges to me?

Our software development process is transparent. We let you monitor every single phase of development. The in-detail project scope of the work is pre-defined at the time of the project is undertaken and approved by you. If you determine few other changes are required then that will be accommodated accordingly. We firmly believe in a long-term relationship.

Do you provide support and maintenance after completion of the project?

Yes, we are providing support and maintenance.  We track all post maintenance requests, issues, bugs, etc.

How absolute is my ownership on the project?

You will have 100% ownership of the entire developed project; it includes the copyright, source code, and intellectual property rights.

Where is Technosip located?

  • New York

    222 Broadway, 19th Floor, New York,

    NY 10038, USA

  • New Jersey

    270 Marin Blvd, New Jersey,

    NJ 07302, USA

What capabilities does Technosip offer?

  • Strategy – We are globally renowned as a software strategic software development partner. So, we will help you turn your million-dollar business idea into a feasible product. And we start it with the strategy.

  • Design – We have top-notch experience in creating interactive, eye-appealing interfaces to delight your users.

  •  Development – Our software developers know the exact difference between good code and bad code. For any technology and type of development, you can undoubtedly rely on us.

  • Quality Assurance – We ensure that your application/product/software is bug-free and working seamlessly across multiple platforms.

  • Hosting and Monitoring – To keep your business operations run smoothly, we ensure that it is securely deployed.

  • Ongoing Support – To keep your software/product/application responding to your needs, Technosip’s dedicated team is always there to assist you.

How Does Technosip recruit and hire developers?

Technosip receives more than 80+ new applications a month. Till the time, we have conducted more than 680+ interviews to find the right talent of people we are working with today.

Our selection process includes 5 crucial steps:

  1. Best-fit phone interview

  2. Technical interview over Zoom, Hangout, BlueJeans etc

  3. Coding exercise

  4. Reference check

  5. In-person interview

How Can I hire software developers from Technosip?

We are offering two separate methods to hire talent from us.

Choice 1

Share your project requirements with us. Our experience and expert product/project manager will evaluate your requirements with the team, and we will get back to you with the approximate project time and investment required. The entire project/product management will be done by our project/product manager their by taking off pressure from your shoulder so that you can better focus on the other business challenges at hand like sales, marketing, and fundraising.

Choice 2

If you are technology savvy and have time and bandwidth to do the technology project management on your own then you can hire a software developer from us and the software developer will directly work with you. We let you conduct interviews with our software developers to help you hire a choice of your developer as per your project requirement.

Do You Provide a project manager to supervise the resources?

An executive is assigned to each client once the resources are on-board. And, yes, we do not charge for the assigned executive – project manager. The project manager will work as a single point of contact for regular communication to help you answer your questions and will also update you about your project progress.

How do I receive project progress reports?

The frequency of the progress report will be decided with mutual consent. The report update may range from being delivered on a daily/weekly or monthly basis depending upon the duration of the project and the nature of our engagement this could be discussed further during our call.

Do you provide references of your previous clients?

Yes, we can provide you the client references. We have formed a strong relationship with our clients around the world by helping them achieve their business objectives.

What are the security measures you take to make my project secure?

Our clients are Startups, SMB and Enterprise and we sign an NDA to ensure the complete security and confidentiality of the project/product as well as idea.

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