Web App Development Cost in 2022

Are you confused about the web app development cost for 2022?

Are you confused about the web app development cost for 2022?

It’s unwise to expect a significant market presence and deeper customer accessibility if you don’t have a web app. By optimizing your business as per customers’ expectations and making it easily accessible, a web app for business is what oxygen is for humans. It’s a viable way to thrive in today’s digital world.


But, we must not forget that it’s not a pocket-friendly job. For a few, it could snatch the entire investments in one go. On the other hand, enterprises will have no hassles in investing in web app development. 


It could be too confusing for someone new to understanding web app development costs in 2022, but not after reading this informative piece of content.

Types of Web Apps

Before you start learning about the cost of web app development, you need to understand which type of web app you should invest in. Here are key web app types to consider.

  • Static web apps   

Structurally, effortless web app architecture and static web apps lack flexibility and feature-restricted content. Mostly, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are used to develop static web apps. As these languages are time-seasoned and ample talent is available, static web apps are not very expensive.

  • Dynamic web apps

Up next, we have a dynamic web app that is useful for fetching real-time data as per the user’s request. Such apps are complex and demand high-quality resources for development. 

Hence, they are expensive. 

  • Single-page apps or SPAs 

SPAs have become very common these days. Every crucial information is present on one page in such web app types. Technologies like Meteor, React, Angular, Vue, Ember, and Backbone are used for their development. 

  • Multiple-page apps or MPAs 

MPAs are the higher versions of SPA and feature multiple informative pages. Web portals, catalogs, and online market portals are examples of MPAs.

  • Progressive web apps or PWAs  

Lastly, we have PWAs, the website giving you the vibes of mobile applications. Such apps can be easily accessed from a mobile browser and have better accessibility. YouTube, Uber, and Tinder are a few famous examples of PWAs. 

What Impacts The Web App Development Cost?

Web app development cost isn’t affected or driven by one factor. In fact, multiple factors go in together and decide the final development cost. Here is what we’re referring to.

  • How do different regions impact your cost of web app development

    How do different regions impact your cost of web app development

    Scope of the project

This is the major cost-deciding factor. An app with a broader scope will undoubtedly ask for more features that will add to the development cost. To find out the scope of your project, you need to figure out:

  1. Type of web app
  2. Targeted browser
  3. Any supported mobile version of the app is required or not

The more expectations you’ll have from your app, the higher capabilities you need to add to it. Keep in mind that more features and functionalities mean a high cost. For instance, a simple and uncomplicated app can only cost you $1,000 per project. But, a custom and complex project can cost you $95,000 per project.


  • The development or developer’s location

Not many of us are aware, but the physical location of the business and/or development area and/or developer influences the final development cost. A native US developer will certainly cost more than an Asian developer for the same features and facilities. Also, the skills and experience developers will bring to the table will decide the final cost.


  • Development of language and resources used

There are various development languages, and resources are available at varied costs. The kind of language, development skill set, and resources you pick will determine the final cost. For instance, HTML developers are cost-effective as compared to Python.  


  • UX/UI design complexity

UX/UI is a crucial part of your app, and its effectiveness depends on the app’s popularity amongst the customers. If you’re adding too many features, widgets, plugins, and animations, you definitely have to spend extra. On average, the UX/UI aspect of the web app can cost you anywhere between $750-$4,000.


  • Web app maintenance

Web app development isn’t completed without proper maintenance. Ideally, the 15% to 20% share of total development cost should be saved for maintenance. It involves version updates, adding integration, fixing bugs, and many more.

In-house Vs. Outsourcing: What To Choose For Web App Development?  

The most preferred development ways are in-house development and outsourcing the development. But, which one is better? Let’s figure it out.


  • Hassles involved

You need to invest a huge deal of time and effort to build an in-house team of developers. Outsourcing to a renowned web app development services provider is an instant solution that is ready to work from the very moment you hire it.


  • Cost

In-house team building is a very costly affair. You must invest in advertising, recruitment, training, and basic amenities. The list doesn’t end here. The outsourcing developer team is a relatively cost-effective solution as developers are pre-seasoned and start working on the project right away.


  • Skills offered  

It’s not possible to hire developers of every skill. Also, skills upgrade so frequently that you can never have access to every relevant skill for web app development. Outsourcing is the pick-and-go solution. You can pick any skill you want and pay for that skill only. It really makes sense when you need to develop a project demanding various skill sets.

Before choosing an outsourcing development partner, check out this in-detail guide to understand the mistakes you should avoid when outsourcing web development project.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Web App in 2022?

What is the cost for Web App Development?

What is the cost for Web App Development?

Based upon your business requirement, you have to spend anything between$1,000 to$1,00,000.

You can’t survive in a digital world without an audience-centric app. You have to have it. Web apps improve your digital presence and your business within reach of many customers. 

Honestly speaking, there is no upper limit. So, make yourself aware of the factors affecting web app development first, and then move further. As per the industry’s leader, it’s hard to beat the efficacy of outsourcing web app development as it brings the best talent at an affordable cost. Try it out today and enjoy the improved web app tomorrow.

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