Our Process


Technosip team do extensive research before starting any project. The preliminary analysis helps Technosip to understand the requirement and plan accordingly. Research also include feasibility study of domain.

Plan & Strategy

Everything that is developed at Technosip lab starts with plan and executed as per formed strategy.

UI & UX Design

Technosip team takes UI & UX design very seriously, Very easy to use User Interface is key part of any successfull app. So we focus on this part in very detail and after lots of iterations and discussions we finalize the best design.

Build and Deploy

Once designing part is completed, Coding part starts. Technosip team writes very optimized routines and functions and are well documented and efficient so they run best on every system. Exception are handled in advance.

Deploy & Launch

Once coding is completed, we test the built product very extensively. The product goes through various steps before it comes production ready. Once we are satisfied with the test results, we launch it to production.


After the product is launched, Technosip Team provides regular support and fix if any issue arises on the fly. Also it monitors the deployed product and scale resources as needed.