About Technosip

The Brand that understands complexities in true form constantly innovates, strives for excellence, makes the customer fall in love by providing simple solutions and have achieved satisfactory results by delivering consistently as trusted technology partner for 10+ years. Technosip is located in New York City is a creative mobile, web and hybrid application development and consulting company.

Our Company

Technosip team gained more than a decade of experience providing strategic technology solutions from simple to extremely complex large scale cutting edge mobile, web, analytical dashboard and AI software applications for various size companies ranging from Startup’s, SMB’s to Fortune 500 clients.

The Technosip team works closely with the SMB and Startup client’s to help them identify and develop web, mobile & digital solutions roadmap. SMB and Startup leverage on Technosip deep technology insight to propel their growth to the next level.

At Technosip we believe client success as Technosip success. With more than a decade of industry insight, Technosip team help clients identify technology SIP(Strategic Inflection Points) for the life cycle of the client’s business and help them rediscover new growth areas. Technosip was founded on this very basic idea to help our partners/clients understand and navigate the changing market dynamics and help them reinvent toward accelerated growth.

Our Philosophy

Technosip name originated from the idea that in today dynamic technology world one need to reinvent consistently as fundamentals that use to accelerate the growth of a company in the past may not work with similar magnitude in future. Instead, the same fundamentals start working against the growth of the company and may result in technology stagnation.

This technology stagnation point is called SIP(Strategic Inflection Point) at this point company has the choice either to keep going with same fundamentals and go down the graph or reinvent the existing fundamentals and go up the graph by gaining insight into the new opportunities.

Technosip is New York-based Web Application Development, Mobile App’s Design and Development company that leverages on next-gen technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and have been consistently delivering cutting edge technology solutions with an emphasis on close collaboration and long-term commitment.