With the 50+ social and dating apps in the market with countless of members, the probability of finding your needle in the haystack is hard to do. Level will help sift through the masses and zero in on those members worthy of your time.

By swiping up, you let us know you like the person from his or her profile. If he or she swipes you up, you are ready to connect; fairly similar to other dating sites, but Level goes a little further. As you interact with him or her, in person or through messaging, you will get insight on his/her personality and be able to “Level with Us” providing feedback (PRIVATELY) that will help us to identify the “good ones”.

Level is bringing back “accountable dating”. With the rise in online dating, some daters are approaching the dating scene with a sense of unaccountability and forget to bring their manners to the date. Feedback will be used to adjust members standing and take him or her to a higher Level if the feedback merits it.

What we did

TechnoSIP Inc project manager and the team was involved in all the phases of the app. The app was developed using native iOS platform while the REST API was written in PHP Framework and the backend database was in MySQL. It was a challenging app due to a high level of GPS precision needs of the app our team and team members executed it very well. During initial phases of the app, we did a competitive analysis for the client for all the similar app out in the market and then based on that the idea was brainstorm during multiple in-person and over the call meetings with client and a wireframe was finalized. Based on wireframe and client design questioners inputs design team came up with app screen designs and multiple design iterations were performed before design were finalized. Development team comprise of front end iOS developer, backend REST Services API PHP & DB developer, and a test engineer successfully deployed the app to app store to the client's satisfaction

Third party API integrations were involved, Facebook API, LinkedIn API, Instagram API, Social Sharing, Email API along with Device features implementation like Camera, Video, Photo Library, GPS (Location Service), Push Notification Integrations.


Functionality & Device Features

The app uses following iOS device features :

  1. Location Service (GPS) - GPS is used to capture user real time coordinates as complete app depends on user coordinates and user location.
  2. Complex Matching Algorithm Engine - A very complex, confidential matching algorithm engine was developed to match user profile more accurately.
  3. Users Interests - A very intuitive design to capture users interests and represent it in a elegant and fun way
  4. Photo Library Integration - Photo Library access was required to upload user already captured photographs and save them on server.
  5. Videos Integration - Video access is used to give user facility to upload 10 sec short video.
  6. Push Notification - Push Notifications were send for various events like match, chat, mingle on demand etc.
  7. Facebook SignIn/SignUp Integration - Facebook API's were integrated for user to signup/signin using Facebook.
  8. LinkedIn SignIn/SignUp Integration - LinkedIn API's were integrated for user to signup/signin using LinkedIn.
  9. Instagram Integration - Instagram was integrated so that users can select the photos from their Instagram account.
  10. Mingle On Demand - A very high precision complex Location Service functionality that will allow users to network with other users that are within certain predefine range..
  11. Exclude Facebook/ LinkedIn Friend - Users can set the preference to exclude users profile from not appearing to their Facebook or LinkedIn friends
  12. Camera Integration - Camera access was required to capture user photographs and save them on server as their user profiles.

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