Kick-Start Cross-Platform App Development with Xamarin

Introduction to Xamarin

Xamarin is a Microsoft-owned cross-platform app platform built using C# and .NET. It connects with the application program interface API of your mobile device functions using the mono framework. Developers use Xamarin when building a custom mobile app for all platforms- Android, iOS, macOS, etc.

Developers have only dreamt yet of writing a single code that can be useful for multiple platforms. Though it is possible today, but it comes at the cost of poor user experience, maintainability, and testing.

However, with Xamarin developers, no more need to compromise on such crucial aspects while hybrid app development. Bring the power of native Android and iOS experience of UI, notifications, graphics, and other features by opting for Xamarin Cross-platform app development.

How Xamarin Helps Create Hybrid Mobile Apps Quickly

Developers take privilege in developing mobile apps faster using the Xamarin framework as it provides C# bindings to native Android and iOS applications. They also get the benefits of .Net framework like data types, language-integrated query (LINQ), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), asynchronous programming patterns, delegates, garbage collection, and much more.

There are two types of projects that developers use to create hybrid app development services:

  • Portable Class Library (PCL)
  • Shared Project

Modern developers are obsessed with enterprise application development using Xamarin. It aids faster app development with the following attainments:

  • It adopts holistic optimization, ensures high efficiency, rapid delivery, and a lean development approach.
  • Utilizes in-built controls and frames
  • For testing features, Xamarin uses the Xamarin TestCloud
  • It aids backend functionalities by selecting robust mBaas

Significance of Xamarin

The Microsoft Xamarin framework enables scalable, feature-rich, and secure cross-platform mobile apps. It is the most popular open-source, cross-platform framework owing to its properties like:

Shared Code: Developers can build platform-specific code-layers and share them across multiple platforms using Xamarin cross-platform framework.

Better User Experience: Your users shall get a 100% native experience when using a Xamarin app and indulge in a flawless user experience.

Native Performance: Applications built with Xamarin aid the best performance, which is just like Native. For Android, you shall get Java-like native performance, and for iOS app, you will get Swift-like native performance.

Code Reusability: Your cross-platform app’s life cycle is expanded by using the Xamarin framework because it uses C# and .NET, enabling 95% reusability of code.

Simplified Maintenance: Hybrid app developers can easily update the source file and maintain it using Xamarin.

Xamarin.Forms Use: Xamarin allows rapid prototyping for facilitating less platform-specific functionality with Xamarin.Forms. This feature propels Cross-platform app development and Hybrid app development services.

Benefits of Xamarin Cross-platform App Development

As you have seen the excellent characteristics that make Xamarin framework the best choice for developing cross-platform mobile apps, it is time you learn the advantages that you gain by going with Xamarin. Beyond cost-efficiency and reusability, there are other advantages of Xamarin such as:

1. Fewer developing hours

Time is a priceless gift we can not neglect to honor. Developers usually strive a long during behind building a native mobile application and again the struggle for another OS or platform. However, this troublesome task is eliminated when using the Xamarin framework because developers just need to write a single code, and it will be functional for multiple platforms. This reduces the time-to-market for entrepreneurs and the gruesome patience of developers. Isn’t that cool?

2. C# based programming

The Xamarin framework is built on the C# language, which makes Xamarin an open-source, type-safe, flexible, and object-oriented language- very easy to learn. Due to this ease of learning, modern young developers find Xamarin a perfect choice for serving hybrid app development services.

3. Code compatibility with multiple platforms

Entrepreneurs are highly expectant but are short of finances to develop their business apps for multiple platforms. Developers and entrepreneurs are relieved when using Xamarin because it enables code creation that works for multiple platforms and is compatible.

4. Multiple library support

Xamarin supports various libraries, which enables developers to build varied functionalities with minimal efforts. If you want to develop a cross-platform app with all-inclusive features and capabilities, then Xamarin is your perfect option.

5. Flawless UI

Hybrid app development with Xamarin comes up with excellent user experience because Xamarin Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio provide designers the tools and types of equipment to generate outstanding UIs.

Apps Built With Xamarin

Let us go through the amazing real-time examples of companies that have used the Xamarin framework for their cross-platform app development. Over 15000 companies across fields such as healthcare, transport, media, and more have chosen Xamarin, which explains this amazing framework’s utility.

Here are a few examples of hybrid app development with Xamarin:


Olo is an online food ordering service, a company hosting over 30 million customers. It is a digital hospitality provider that uses the Xamarin framework and benefits by code sharing, database access, API calls, and network.

Alaska Airlines

A 75 years old Airline company created an internal app for its 15000 team members and another customer app, both using Xamarin. The apps provide a seamless experience and focus on native features like Touch ID and push notifications.


One of Spain’s leading transport companies operates 1300 franchises and serves over 10000 MRW employees with its Xamarin cross-platform application.

CA Mobile

The largest Portugal bank started a mobile app with the name Crédito Agrícola of its owner as CA Mobile using Xamarin hybrid app development service. This amazing cross-platform app has features like payment authorization, expense approvals, and real-time push notifications.


Picturex is an app by the MIT innovation AG’s subsidiary company, which collects photos from an event by your friends and places in one private album. While developing a hybrid application, the developers of the company were not satisfied, and hence they opted to build a cross-platform app with the Xamarin framework.

Insightly CRM

Xamarin framework’s best depiction of a CRM app that supports project management needs. The use of Xamarin preserves the native functionality and integration with native APIs.


An AI-based platform uses Xamarin to perform Google Glass’s groundwork. The best part of this app is that users can integrate it with other AI-based devices like the Microsoft Hololens.


Captio is a hybrid application build with Xamarin for managing travel expenses. An excellent depiction of Xamarin.Forums for exchanging tips, opinions and discussing questions and answers.


In the Netherlands, a hybrid app is developed for Airport luggage management with the Xamarin framework. Enabling QR codes, offline functionality, user location, intuitive user experience, and much more, Xamarin proved its worth at its best.


Xamarin is a proven framework that adds success when integrated with any field or industry. To quickly start your business growth in a cost-efficient and speedy manner, choose Xamarin hybrid app development services to achieve new heights of success.

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