Wondering what is Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Data Mining and Predictive Analytics?

Artificial Intelligence is the field of computer science that deals with training machine/computer to do intelligent task as human do – prediction, sentiment analysis, relationship recognition, semantic search, classification, image detection, fraud detection, natural language processing, voice recognition etc. without supervision and explicit programming each use case and by utilizing big data sets.

Big Data is the area of technology that deals with processing large amount of structure (data stored in relational database, excel files etc.) and unstructured (emails, social media data, blogs, news articles, sensor data, video streaming, logs, documents in pdf, word , text any format) data. Mining of the structure or unstructured data to extract knowledge (identifying person, place, location, understanding data sentiment like positive or negative, extracting facts out of the data, extracting relationship out of data, keywords, geospatial points, extracting taxonomy, summarization of data) is called data mining.

Technosip Inc team of experts in field of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Semantic Search, Voice Driven Search, Natural Language Processing, intelligent models and algorithms will help you solve your real word problem that will help you improve your business bottom line substantially and provide competitive advantage over competitors.

Technosip Inc team of expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing (ability of machine to understand the natural language like we human understand), voice recognition and computer vision will help client both startup and SMB identify and solve real world business problems as mention below.

Below list is a small subset of the type of problems that above mention cutting edge technology could help solve. Please reach out to us to discuss how this technologies could help you gain solve your specific business problem and help you gain substantial competitive advantage.

  • Prediction & analysis of customer’s behavior.
  • Predicting Competitive advantage.
  • Predicting product trends
  • Predicting partnership opportunities
  • Customer segmentation / classification (loyal customer, risk of retention, potential attrition etc.)
  • Analysis & Prediction of sales cycle
  • Predicting marketing response rates
  • Fraud detection
  • Resource planning
  • Image detection
  • Voice Recognition
  • Natural Language based computer integrations.

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