Cost of Telemedicine App Development in 2022

While apps have entered every industry, the telemedicine industry can’t remain unaware of the potential of telemedicine apps. It’s the easiest way to connect with the customers and ensure timely service delivery. 

The outbreak of COVID-19 acted like a catalyst for this industry, and there was a flood of telemedicine apps. Indeed, it was the need of the hour and bought medical assistance at people’s doorsteps.

The swift adoption of the telemedicine app development and the welcoming response that it has received from the customers has made medical industry players offer this facility immediately if they haven’t done it. However, before you make any move to shape the idea, knowing the cost of telemedicine app development is important. Referring to this post will help you find out the standard cost of Telemedicine app development.

Telemedicine App Development & Its Importance for the Medical and Healthcare Industry

Before we discuss the cost involved in developing the Telemedicine App, let’s understand the reasons to invest in this area. Here are a few statistics proving a telemedicine app is a necessity in the present scenario.   

  • The walk-in or in-person visit to a primary health care provider or general physician has declined by 60% in the past two years, from 2020 to 2022. 
  • Nearly 40% of people prefer video or teleconsulting for minor issues over in-person consultation. 
  • A recent survey by Applause has revealed that nearly 63% are thinking of considering telehealth as a mainstream solution even if the pandemic ends. 
  • The same survey revealed that 77% of patients enjoy the telemedicine experience.  
  • 48% of people admit that telemedicine has offered more healthcare opportunities and has made medical assistance easily accessible. 
  • 58% of physicians prefer virtual consultations over in-person consultations. 
  • As of April 2021, nearly 84% of doctors have offered their consultation via teleconsulting.

If you’re able to grasp the gravity of Telehealth app development facts, you’ll understand the benefits of telemedicine. So, if you’re a physician and want to improve the market reach, consider developing a telemedicine app

How Much Is The Cost of Telemedicine App Development?

Now that it’s clear that telemedicine apps are crucial, it’s time to delve deeper into the most important aspect of this sort of app development, which is the cost. Before we start, understand one fact there is no fixed cost as multiple factors drive the final cost. For instance, iOS app development will be a bit more pocket-pinching as compared to Android app development

Several features an app would have are also a major final cost-deciding factor. So, it varies from app to app. But, if industry average is a matter of concern, the best we can say here is that one can get a telemedicine app by spending anything between $15,000 to $150,000. 

At $15,000, you’ll get a very basic app that only does the basic job, i.e., booking an appointment and virtual consultation. At best, you’ll get a prescription. 

The more advanced the app, the higher the cost would be. So, before you want to realize what would be the final cost of telemedicine app development, research extensively and find out what all features and facilities you want your app to own. 

Telemedicine App Features

While there is no defined protocol to follow when it comes to features of a telemedicine app, there are certain features that should be part of every app. 

  • Registration and account set-up facility: The registration and account set-up facility should provide both the admin and customer fronts of an app. 
  • Video conferencing: Without video conferencing, a telemedicine app is useless.
  • In-app texting and emailing facility: This feature allows users to have quick communication with the healthcare provider.
  • Scheduler: A scheduler is required for seamless appointment management. 
  • Doctor finder and ratings: Patients should be provided a facility to search and find suitable doctors. The app should display ratings and reviews of the doctor.
  • Payment gateway: The app must feature an utterly secure payment gateway that can accept multiple payment modes.  

Notifications: The notification feature is non-negotiable as it keeps the patients and doctors updated. 

Hidden Cost of Telemedicine App Development 

There are always two aspects of app development. The first one is very easy to figure out. Designing a UI, high-end security features, payment integration, and many more are the visible expenses linked with a telemedicine app. 

But, many hidden expenses are imperative and can’t be ignored. Understanding these hidden expenses is crucial. We present you with a crisp overview of them. 

  • Equipment Cost

Tools like digital telescopes, ENT scope, or cameras for examination. Integration of these devices comes at a cost. Their cost could be between $5k to $12k. Depending upon your services and need for devices, it will go higher or lower.

  • The License

Obtaining a license to run an online telehealth business is legal compliance that every telemedicine app has to comply with. as per your regional policies, it could attract monthly, yearly or one-time fees. The amount could be between $1500 and $10k, depending upon the law and app features.

  • Audio/Video Conferencing Feature

The app must feature a portal with a single capability or multiple capabilities that can handle patient consultation easily. This is the base of the telemedicine app. Based on the features and facilities you want to include, software-based conferencing will cost you anywhere between $1,000 to $1,500 for the app. 

You may integrate a conferencing tool and pay monthly/yearly costs too.

  • Telemedicine Support 

 An app without support is only half good. Adding support can cost you anywhere between $100 -$10,000 per month. 

  • HIPPA Compliance 

An ideal telemedicine app is HIPPA compliant. It is essential (legally) and ensures that the app provider follows all appropriate data safety rules. 

There are a variety of stages of this compliance. For instance, if you want to obtain an updated notice of privacy practices, you need to spend $80. 

All in all, the expense involved to become a HIPPA compliant app is $1,040. And, if yours is not a HIPPA compliant app, the fine can go in thousands of dollars. 

This is just a glimpse of the hidden costs of Telemedicine. The list can extend as per the capabilities added.

Ending Notes 

If you’ve anything to do with the healthcare industry, then owning a telemedicine app is a must for better customer-business approachability and service delivery. With this one tool, connectivity isn’t an issue. However, nothing comes free. One has to invest before reaping the benefits of the telemedicine app

The cost of telemedicine app development depends on multiple factors. It’s essential to choose the right development partner to select the right framework. Hire a telemedicine app development company to make everything sorted. 

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