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The power of the Salesforce lies in its own capability to extend the core platform with custom application development services. Whatever the size or type of your business is whether its small or large, startup or non-profit organization, Salesforce helps to redefine the way you use this platform. Salesforce is considered as the world’s best cloud-based CRM software to help a business grow into a more effective, efficient and streamlined way across all the bases

In today’s digital world, there has been a significant surge in Cloud Computing Technologies. Salesforce is the first one to introduce a CRM on the cloud and has been a clear winner and now a leader in the Cloud CRM space ever since. Salesforce is in the market since the late 90s, and it has evolved as one of the most innovative and comprehensive CRM solutions, which is capable of addressing all of your specific business needs.

Technosip Your Salesforce Partner

Technosip is a leading strategic technology solution provider offering robust Salesforce Customization Services. Since our inception, we are serving the clientele on a global platform.

Technosip is a leading global IT Services partner trusted for the prolonged reliability on delivery. We are delivering personalized experiences by using the integrated CRM platform – Salesforce customer 360. From the development of top-of-the-line IT Solutions to business consulting, we are globally renowned name in offering Salesforce Appexchange development, Lightning app development, Salesforce implementation, Salesforce mobile app development and many other Salesforce development services. Technosip is a globally renowned Salesforce development partner trusted for sustained quality of delivery.

Salesforce with Technosip

Being a certified Salesforce development company and with years of proven experience in Salesforce implementation and Salesforce cloud capabilities, we have successfully implemented Salesforce for our clients from varied sectors around the globe. Our expertise expands to customized agencies and NFPs in Salesforce. We are serving in all the major regions across the world, be it Europe, USA, UAE, Asia, Canada or Australia.

Creating Workflow Rules in Salesforce

Salesforce is easily customized. You can create custom objects, view components, form analytics, and do much more within your workplace without adding a single line of code. For clients who are willing to accommodate to Salesforce, we extend help to customize Salesforce for their workflow.

Mashup Integration in Salesforce

Usually, integration with Salesforce requires pull-out data from customer databases, show it on custom pages and let the users work within Salesforce without interruption. Clients who continuously want data to be extracted data from outside sources, we assist them with mashup screens to display both Salesforce as well as customer data on the same page of Salesforce. We have proven expertise in integrating customer data with the help of web services.

Salesforce Administration and Consulting

For Salesforce growth, we offer remote administration and Salesforce consulting services. Our skillful admin can assist you manage your Salesforce account remotely, which includes administering users, creating roles, authorizations, analytics, troubleshooting, making suggestions and much more.

If you hire our Salesforce implementation consultant, then we can do this part for you.

1. Set and prioritize your goals
2. Organize your Salesforce implementation team
3. Understand and gather your existing data
4. Decide on an implementation approach
5. Decide which reports you will need
6. Build a project timeline

Custom Salesforce Application Development

Salesforce provides resources for third-party developers willing to perform complex functions otherwise inaccessible from the Salesforce UI. Clients who require advanced customization, we offer customization services using Salesforce APIs, Apex, and Visualforce. Custom Applications developed using APEX, or Visualforce can be deployed inside Salesforce and the Salesforce App Exchange to extend functionality as per requirement.

Migration to Salesforce

We assist you in moving your existing data and applications to Salesforce. The data can be in repository form, MS Mechanics, Excel, or in some other format. The procedure is indeed tedious for clients with large amount of data. Offloading such work to Technosip can help you focus on the core activities within Salesforce.

Choose Us To Help You The Way You Want to Work

Our committed and certified Salesforce developer operates through our business premises to successfully execute your project on time.

Our certified Salesforce developers have listed below benefits that includes:

  • Cost-effective with no ramp-up fees
  • No long-term commitments
  • Leverage to avail of specialized skills
  • Adoption of best coding best practices

Salesforce Competencies at Technosip

  • Salesforce Knowledge, Apex, and Visualforce
  • Business Process Mapping and Modeling
  • Business Process Automation
  • An optimized architecture to implement CRM
  • com configuration/customization
  • Custom object creation
  • Business Analytics, Metrics & Reporting development
  • Development of security and permissions structures
  • Role mapping to system processes
  • Sales cloud configuration
  • Service cloud configuration
  • Documentation and training development
  • Data integrity and quality management
  • Object-oriented software development
  • Custom integration of Salesforce with outside systems
  • Apex and Visualforce
  • REST API, SOAP API, Metadata API

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Technosip is the most prominent Salesforce partner. We have the best industry experts and have a team of certified Salesforce consultants. We are helping clients around the world to implement Salesforce to accelerate digital transformation and make the most out of Salesforce CRM to unlock the true potential to seize the business opportunities. At the heart of every business, there is Salesforce. At Technosip, we build and deliver high-quality and cost-effective solutions to bring the real potential of Salesforce to your business. To know more about Technosip and our skillful expertise in Salesforce please get in touch with us today.

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