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When it comes to practical CRM, nothing can contend with Salesforce. With whooping revenue of $5.38 billion in the 2021 fiscal year, this CRM management tool has established that it rules the market. One can streamline sales, marketing, finance, and other fronts of a given ecosystem with one single tool.

That being said, one can’t simply turn a blind eye towards the fact that each business has different needs, and Salesforce customization is the key to success. Using a Salesforce customization services doubles the viability of this tool and allows a business to achieve its business goals faster.

This post will throw light on the need for Salesforce customization services, the difference it can make, and how it can be done effortlessly. To begin with, let’s know the basics.

Salesforce Customization – A Quick Overview

Salesforce customization services refers to the process of tailoring CRM solutions just as particular ecosystem needs. It comprises custom development and coding, which is generally a tedious task, requires special expertise, and can only be performed by a skilled hand like a Salesforce developer.

The prime focus of Salesforce customization services is offering a solution that can make everything possible within the provided means.

For instance, an organization need to generate reports with sophisticated calculation with certain logics; Salesforce customization can help you with it. Salesforce customization can be achieved by performing programming in Apex. This step is crucial for Salesforce customization as the developers will be able to change the business logic, create a custom API, and ensure proper customization.

Not many of you know that the Salesforce customization can be done as per the particular needs, allows a business to automate the record changes, and even makes conducting the data-focused tasks possible.

Some of the key examples of Salesforce customization are:

  • Apex Classes;
  • Adding new features in JavaScript;
  • Visual force emails;
  • Apex triggers;
  • Addition and modification of CSS, in order to revamp page layouts and building visual force pages;
  • Various third-party integrations.

Few may make a mistake to think of Salesforce customization as Salesforce configuration. This is where they go wrong. These two are different sides of the same coin.

Salesforce configuration refers to delivering the Salesforce solutions using point-and-click tools. To make this happen, no high-end programming skills are required. This may sound a great relief, but Salesforce configuration is not suggested when need-based CRM tools aim.

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Why is Salesforce customization the need of the hour?

Now that it’s clear what Salesforce customization means, it’s time to figure out why it is so highly preferred. Customization lets you make most of your hired/purchased Salesforce services.

Imagine having a tool/service/product which is able to cater to all your needs. Not only it is operational bliss, but it also has a huge impact on the final outcome. Such organization-oriented solutions allow businesses to utilize the hired products in full swing and make most of them.

Also, one must not forget that Salesforce is not an easy tool to use. Few of its modules or features can be too daunting to handle by a team of moderate technical competencies. User adoption and retention of this powerful tool can only be succeeded until the gratified factor once the team will utilize it up to the supreme extent.

With Salesforce customization, it’s easier to make Salesforce user-friendly for the teammates. When customized using VisualForce and APEX, the user interface can be everyone’s cup of tea post customization.

1. Better connectivity with existing systems

In an organization, Salesforce is not the only technology used. There are a couple of more as well. Salesforce customization lets the users integrate the existing systems /apps with Salesforce and build a centralized place to exchange the data and increase the functionality.

The direct impact of this move is on the team’s productivity and outcome. There won’t be any hopping between two systems, errors will be less in extraction the information from different platforms, and time will be effectively utilized.

Once a Salesforce system becomes open for third-party integrations, its efficiency and efficacy double up.

2. Enjoy enhanced analytics abilities

Sporadic reporting is one of the reasons behind inadequate analytical skills and reduces revenue. One of the key tasks that an ideal CRM system should perform with full perfection is to track the sales team’s efficiency in real-time and render insightful reports.

For instance, the information gathered on how a sales team reaches potential customers and closes a deal lets the business understand which marketing strategy is working out. Based on these insights, one can easily make useful decisions.

However, the default Reporting & Analysis can lose importance in certain ecosystems. Salesforce customization specialists can help you have more viable and useful reporting.

How to ensure success in Salesforce Customization?

Though one might think Salesforce customization is not rocket science, it demands utmost diligence and attentiveness if yielding out the superior quality outcome from the Salesforce customization is the aim.

Here are few things to keep in mind before embarking on the Salesforce customization journey.

1. Gather the end-users interest data

Ultimately, it’s the team and team members who are going to use the Salesforce tools and apps. This is why it’s essential to listen to the end user’s needs, inputs, and requirements.

Before you make any, gather information on parts like which features they would like to see, the challenges that the team faces with the existing system, and what seems to be losing significance presently. To collect this information, using a survey or feedback form is the best option.

2. Take the help of sandbox

Making changes to complex systems like Salesforce can bring unpredictable outcomes and complexities at times. To ensure that operations and data are not hampered during the process, consider using a Salesforce sandbox to keep such risks on the lower side. Developer Sandbox, Developer Pro Sandbox, Partial Copy Sandbox, and Full Sandbox options are available. Each one has a different purpose. So, make a choice based on your requirements.

3. Don’t overdo the things

We know it sounds highly enthralling to have a Salesforce system that works the way you wanted to work. Because of this only, few organizations often fall into the nippers of over-customization and end up having a cumbersome, tedious, and too complex system. Such a Salesforce system will be of use.

Keep realistic expectations, have a clear goal, and have a dedicated CRM manager to keep an eye on the amount of customization done.

4. Arrange a training session for end-users

The changes done as a part of Salesforce customization can be too daunting. The face of a few features or facilities can be changed completely. End-users will not be able to use the whole new and revamped Salesforce tools like pros soon after implementation. This is why experts say to have training ready for the team to ensure the success of Salesforce customization.

5. Decide the path to be taken

Salesforce customization can be done in three ways: hire Salesforce developers, allow your team to collaborate with the consultants, and handing over the responsibility to the in-house Salesforce experts.

The last option is not open for all as it takes a lot to have a competent in-house Salesforce expert team. Not every business can afford it, But, Salesforce customization is something that we all need. The same is true with the second option. It’s not feasible in every ecosystem.

Seeing this, the first option is the ideal one as it keeps the businesses tension-free on the fronts like quality, professional service delivery, timely completion, and the like. When A professional service provider handles salesforce customization, satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Salesforce Customization with Technosip

As quoted above, Salesforce customization is not a job handled by novices of any run-of-the-mill service provider. Expertise and excellence are highly needed to make this task 100% successful.

The Salesforce customization services of Technosip are all one needs to accomplish this job with full perfection. The custom Salesforce apps and solutions, developed by Technosip, are easy to scale and maintain. Here is why growth-seeking businesses bank upon Technosip when focused on Salesforce customization is required.

Time-bound project delivery

Time is crucial and Technosip understands this fact. We are known for timely delivery of projects by accelerating the pace of innovation by using the best-of-breed development tools and web-based application layer.

Catering to the needs of all sorts

All through these service years, we have managed to handle the needs of all sorts of industry types. Businesses belonging to travel, e-commerce, pharma, retail, and various other industries can bank upon us for effective Salesforce customization.

Get whatever you want

Technosip has mastered the art of rendering assorted Salesforce customization. One can hire us for adding/managing the custom objects in the existing Salesforce, automate the Salesforce workflow, configure the data loader for using the bulk API, creating custom reports & dashboards, customized email templates, and CRM integration with third-party systems. Most of the Salesforce customization requirements are based on these operations only.

Not only this; we are equipped and seasoned enough to handle customization for an array of Salesforce products like Salesforce sales cloud, Salesforce marketing cloud, Salesforce service cloud, Salesforce field service cloud, Salesforce Pardot, Salesforce app cloud, Salesforce financial service cloud, Salesforce community cloud, Salesforce health cloud, Salesforce CPQ, and Salesforce Einstein AI analytics. So, at Technosip, you can one-stop solutions to all the Salesforce customization needs.

Wrapping Up

Salesforce customization services are one of the many things that ensure business success and leverage goal fulfillment. With the help of this process, it’s easier to make things work for you, enable the business process, and churn out the maximum benefits from the in-house Salesforce services/solutions.

However, it’s more than imperative that only a professional and skilled Salesforce customization partner is handling is this job. At Technosip, one can spot the best of breed excellence and expertise required for Salesforce customization. Please book a consultation with us today and unleash a world of endless Salesforce customization possibilities.

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