How Salesforce Marketing Cloud Can Help You Create Exceptional Customer Experiences?

What is Salesforce Marketing Cloud?


Are you struggling with your in-house marketing strategies?

Not sure if your existing marketing software is good enough to generate effective results and attain customer satisfaction?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one such software that allows you to integrate tools and technologies for an end to end marketing automation while increasing the efficiency by 27%.

What makes this unique is the ability to bring all of the sales, marketing, and corresponding services under a single roof. Experts believe that marketing is more than communicating with your customers. In other sense, all your marketing strategies would fail if you cannot connect with your customers and hence, the need for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can effectively draft a transparent channel where the same set of customer data is accessible to the marketing, the sales, and the services team. This ubiquitous access to data and such level of openness helps improve the customer experience, helping you close more deals, and thus, generating revenue.

But how?

How can the team leverage the platform and make the most out of their marketing strategies?

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Benefits and Features Offered

One-channel for all

The first and foremost feature of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the ease with which you can integrate all of the data. Salesforce Marketing Cloud enables you to have a centralized data model or the customer relationship management system with all of the customer information stored under a single head. This creates transparency with the system where every team is aware of the consumer information and statistics.

Personalization at its best

Irrespective of whether your business is B2B or B2C, you are required to offer you end customers personalized service. Gone are the days when marketing was generic with a single touchpoint. Today, the services and the solutions offered must map the needs and expectations of the customers. And the fact that different customers have different tastes and sentiments, there arises the need to embed customization in marketing strategies. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is one that excels here.

Update Automation

Using outdated tools and software creates a discrepancy in data. It is essential to keep in mind the flow of information within the software. Salesforce Marketing Cloud has the provision of automated updates, which, after notifying the users, performs on its own. It is done multiple times a year to fix software issues and technical glitches while adding features to improve efficiency.

Integrate Third-party Applications

Another fascinating feature of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the ability to integrate custom apps within the same. The platform allows you to increase your engagement potential while walking on the road of marketing transformation. Additionally, they have a bulk campaign feature that allows you to run multiple campaigns, keep track of the customer interests, and analyze the changes on the go. Peak Games has managed to pull off their marketing campaign with ease, increase their conversion rate while cutting down the marketing cost by 50%.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Products

True that there are multiple marketing automation tools available over the web. What makes the Salesforce Marketing Cloud unique is the expanse of products offered by them. They aim at delivering the right solution to the right customer and at the right time. And all of this is done with the help of various tools.

  1. Audience Studio: Capture data from multiple sources and segment them together based on customer preferences.
  2. Data Studio: Extend data sharing efficiency helping marketers access them and obtain transparency.
  3. Google Analytics 360: Drive significant insights from customer data using the Google Analytics portal.
  4. Datorama: Backed by AI and corresponding intelligence, the Datorama helps gain insights for making data-based decisions.
  5. Interaction Studio: Keep track of your customer’s engagement and interaction with Interaction studio in real-time.
  6. Journey Builder: Sketch out the entire journey of the customer with campaign management.
  7. Email Studio: Draft email templates extracting data from all platforms for personalized service.
  8. Advertising Studio: Launch social media marketing campaigns with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio tools.
  9. Mobile Studio: Push messages and notifications with a Mobile studio in real-time.
  10. Social Studio: Build your community of customers with social studio tool. Interact, engage, and communicate with them on the go.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, your organization can leverage multiple tools, integrate them, and strive towards the creation of an exceptional customer journey.

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End to end benefits of using Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes:

  1. Marketing Cloud enables your marketing team to create a personalized channel for interaction. This increases the efficiency of the customer experience, enhancing every touchpoint, and increasing the end result.
  2. Connecting customer data with AI tools enable you to get better insights into their behavior and cultivate a better relationship.
  3. With a 360° view of the customer data, the Marketing Cloud helps connect all the dots and then analyze each piece to create custom-fit marketing campaigns.
  4. Building transparent CTA increases customer conversion rates and at optimized costs. The fact that Salesforce Marketing Cloud is all about targeting the right customer with the ideal product, all of the campaigns are user-centric with higher closure rates.
  5. It helps you integrate multiple platforms within the channel, enabling you to opt for cross-platform marketing strategies.


Having said all of the above, it is necessary to note that selecting the right automation tools is of paramount importance. Make sure you assess your business requirements before investing in any of the tools. Salesforce Marketing Cloud, with all of the features, seems to be a good fit.

If you are looking for a Salesforce development partner to achieve the enterprise-level control over data efficiently, get in touch with us today. We are a globally renowned Salesforce CRM Development Company, and we can help you become the digital leader of tomorrow.

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