Validate Your New Product Idea by Building User Management Module in Days and Not Weeks

Are you planning to build a brand-new application? If so, you must be predetermined with the product timelines and establish a relevant plan for the product launch. Being a product owner, your objective is to prove the worth of your potential business idea. And for this, your app or its prototype must have all user management abilities.

User Management model development is a time-consuming process in general, but not with the approach – sure shot solution explained in this blog post. But before further discussion, let’s have a quick overview of where the problem lies.

Initial Hassles of Developing User Management Functions

For a developer, the most time-consuming part of product development is investing a significant amount of time in developing and maintaining the following functionalities of your product.

User Management Module Implementation Checklist.

  • Login forms
  • Registration forms
  • Password reset
  • 2FA process
  • Email confirmation
    • Welcome Email
    • Forget Password Email
    • 2FA Email
  • Social Login/Registration
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • Apple
    • Google
    • Instagram
    • Salesforce
    • Hubspot
    • And many more…
  • Input sanitation
  • Web tokens
  • User authorization
  • Authentication
  • Unshakable communication
  • Data Encryption
  • User Management Dashboard
  • Setting Up EC2 Instance
    • Installing OS (Ubuntu)
    • Installing platforms (RoR, Laravel, Python, Java etc..)
    • Installing Dependences
    • Installing plugins
    • SSL setup

When generating a top-notch user administration system for an application, if done in a conventional way, the user management module process will take a few weeks, as you can see from the above long list of features needed to be developed by the developer.

Picture this; you have limited development resources, especially in today’s critical time when major SaaS companies are reducing tech teams. Now, you have to achieve the same technology roadmap for your product with less than ⅓ of the tech resources you had before. You must excel by utilizing available tech resources as strategically as possible in this situation to achieve the highest ROI. You need to take product features case by case and make a build or buy decision to ensure organizational goals and metrics are met.

iHOPR: Simplified User Management and Accelerated Product Launch

iHOPR is a top-notch user management platform for your product. The possibility of errors could be high if your in-house team tries to build all these user management implementation checklists. But iHOPR made it all simple through its rigorously tested solution. With this best-in-class user management platform, you can create the following:

User Listing

A comprehensive list of users and their data is available in one location. You can incorporate,edit, and delete users as the user’s table consists of different user data. Furthermore, you maysearch, sort, and filter the data and amend single or multiple users’ data and roles.

User Management

iHOPR’s user management system is a highly protected and effective software allowing companies to manage their customers easily. Your team members may browse and examine profile information on a dashboard that is versatile enough to display your whole customer information. This allows you to take manual action on behalf of your consumers.

User Access Management

It’s easy to enable and disable users by selecting from a dropdown list. A user cannot access your application after being deactivated in the Backendless Panel. This enables you to control user access depending on whatever criteria you deem relevant.

Create New Users

With iHOPR’s user registration API, you may generate new user accounts. Also, it’s easier to create a manual user in the Backendless panel. Irrespective of what you opt for, iHOPR will completely control how users get created. All you have to do is select the degree of access they have on your application.

Social Logins

Don’t want your users to be burdened with the task of remembering usernames and passwords? Integrate social login capacity into your application using iHOPR within minutes. You can include login from Google, Facebook, and Twitter into your app with a few lines of programming. In your backend less Dashboard user listing, users who log in using social media will be listed.

Apart from these features of iHOPR, you may also get the following:

  • Session Control
  • Password Reset
  • Several Logins
  • Relations
  • Import or export user data
  • Data Validation
  • Third-party Integration

Why There is an Actual Need for iHOPR – User Management Platform

How Long do the requirements and scoping of a product usually take?

Well, it totally depends on the size of the application. Let us explain.

For smaller apps

Depending on the complexity of the application and the project’s structure, the smaller apps can typically take 6 to 8 weeks to develop. Each level of this process for developing apps requires a different amount of time to finish. However, preparing a project brief is the one task that takes the longest to accomplish.

For medium-size apps

The biggest considerations determining the application’s development duration are the project’s complexity, target platform, quality, inspection, budget, and team efficacy. So, as far as medium-size applications are concerned, they usually take 10 to 15 weeks to develop.

For larger apps

Larger or more complex applications include apps that can uphold high interactivity, real-time synchronization, animation, combination with databases, and so on. Therefore, it takes almost 40 weeks to develop a larger application.

How much time is required to develop simple user administration modules?

For a hassle-free user administration module, it takes approx 2-3 weeks for smaller applications, 5-6 weeks for mid-sized ones, and 9-10 weeks for big-size applications

What is the length of time required for testing and development?

Most people and companies want to develop applications with all the different sets of functionalities. The time needed to test and develop the apps will depend on the extracted features and type of business.

Both the mobile app’s backend and the app itself must be built. The backend, iOS app, and Android app should all be developed simultaneously. A smaller version can be completed in 6-7 weeks, a mid-sized app in 14-15 Weeks, and a large app in 20-22 Weeks.

How long do beta testing and deployment take?

Once your application is entirely built, beta testing is mandatory to discover possible bugs. You may spend 1 week on smaller apps, 2 weeks on mid-size apps, and 3 weeks on bigger apps.

How does the iHOPR help unleash your creative potential?

Being a low-code development framework, iHOPR is the most convenient way to create user management functionalities. Implementing a validation strategy with iHOPR allows you to drag and drop while creating sign-in, sign-up, and thief-party integrations in hours. Lastly, this valuable software permits nurturing of rapid applications by building, testing, and deploying integrations.

Why choose iHOPR?

The most common reasons for choosing iHOPR are the following:

  • Maximized Security
  • Swift development and deployment within a day instead of weeks
  • Multi-device deployment
  • Difficult configuration in just one click
  • Reusability
  • Dashboard for User Management built-in
  • Platform-neutral accessibility
  • Drag and drop interfaces

So, what are you waiting for? Start validating your idea of app development with our proven user management platform in just days, but not weeks!

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