AWS Cloud Migration: Benefits, Challenges, and Best Practices to Take into Consideration to Accelerate your Business Growth

Transformations, whether physical or digital, are essential for an organization to thrive in the dynamically evolving industry. With each passing day, more and more technologies surface the web. Starting with automation to interconnected interaction, everything around seems to redefine the business ecosystem, fueling performance.

Increased productivity, enhancing infrastructure capacity, operational costs, and business operations TAT has pushed growth leaders and organizational managers to assess their infrastructure and adopt solutions that not just meet the industrial standards but also help them accelerate their day to day operational efficiency.

Reliability, scalability, and optimization, cloud infrastructure happen to offer what an organization is a search of. It is one of the essential ways to reduce operational costs increase productivity. If you are planning to migrate your organizational operations to an AWS cloud, then you would be able to leverage more than 90 services that include flexibility to unify work elements and business operations.

Considering the unprecedented times, migrating to the cloud is best when organizations are on the cusp of expansion. The success lies in the execution process of how you are migrating your business to the cloud. One of the best and the widely used form is AWS cloud migration.

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AWS Cloud Migration: All You Need To Know About

AWS Cloud migration service is one of the services provided by Amazon Web Services. It is composed of an array of tools and technologies, each of which facilitates the job of migration. The solutions are designed in a way that keeps all of the people, processes, fiscal policy, and technologies under a single shell. For an organization with limited monetary resources, investing in the cloud might be impossible, and hence, AWS empowers them with phased migration.

Benefits of Cloud Migration

Are they wondering why you should employ AWS for cloud migration?

  • 62% enhancement of overall staff productivity
  • Downtime reduced by 7x
  • Total savings in cost by 31%
  • Enhance the outreach of business connecting them to customers overseas

Cloud computing

Challenges and Best Practices for AWS Cloud Migration

True that AWS cloud migration comes with promising benefits. However, not all organizations benefit from it. In order to unleash the true potential, one must follow the right method for integration. Some of these include:

Align Business Goals

The first and most important thing to deal with is adhering to business goals. Often, when migrating to the cloud, the most common mistake that entrepreneurs do is focus on the integration and not the execution. This accounts for a situation where even though you have the entire infrastructure migrated to the cloud, you fail to attain the organizational objective. Hence, to deal with this, one must consistently scan through the applications that need to be migrated and/or are under the migration process to make sure it is functioning effectively.

Reduce Data Redundancy and Safeguarding Data

Imagine a big fat enterprise with hundreds of applications. Migrating each of them to the cloud is a complicated process. Also, when there’s so much to take care of, accidents are bound to happen. Often, companies complain about data loss or irrelevant data intrusion. And this stands as one of the biggest challenges every enterprise faces. Security breaches are a common thread pertinent with AWS cloud migration, and vigilance is imperative.

Decoding The Technology & Estimating Cost

Not all organizations have the expertise and the currency to host such migrations. It is an important task to assess and analyze the needs of an organization before stepping ahead on the migrating methodology. Training must be provided to staff members to educate them on the ins and outs of the AWS technology.

Capitalizing on AWS Tools for Efficient Migration

AWS cloud migration is backed by stringent strategies and smarter tools. Regardless of your choice of migration (Forklift or Hybrid), AWS offers a blend of migration tools to help you asses your system and then move ahead go migrate your existing system to cloud.

1. AWS Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool (CART)

The name says it all. Even if you are highly convinced that your organization is Cloud-ready, testifying it against a standard tool is one way to be sure of all your undertakings. The tool performs an in-depth scan and comes up reports highlighting whether or not your organization is ready for migration.

2. AWS Migration Hub

An excellent tool that tracks down the entire process and displays all information. An intuitive dashboard reveals which applications are under the migration process, the ones that have been migrated, and the ones that are waiting in the queue. Also, it provides suggestions on tools that would boost the migration process.

3. AWS Database & Service Migration

Designed specifically for the migration of on-premise data, this tool helps to extract data from the source and store it in the cloud. What makes this an excellent choice is that the database is fully operational even during the migration process. The service migration tool helps automate the overall migration process, speeding up the pace, and accounting for a faster transition.

On-Premise to Cloud: AWS migration in Ease 6 Steps

Being a globally renowned, AWS strategic partner, at Technosip we can help you consulting, migration and support expertise. At Technosip, we follow below 6 steps for AWS Migration methodology:

1. Pre-migration
  • Cloud Assessment Phase
  • Cost, Security, Usage & Architecture Assessment
2. Migration Readiness
  • POC Development
  • Build prototype for AWS
3. Solution Modelling
  • Data Migration Phase
  • Explore AWS storage options
4. Execution
  • Application Migration Phase
  • Forklift & Hybrid Migration Strategy
5. Testing
  • Leverage the migrated cloud phase
  • Automation, auto-scaling to optimize
6. Post Migration Support
  • Transformation
  • Re-engineering & performance tuning

Wrapping Up

The fact that AWS is guided by automation, it tends to simplify the end-to-end migration process. This lowers the overall efforts needed to get your business on track. Not to mention the fact that AWS cloud migration streamlines business processes and operations, and in a specific way that enhances the productivity of the overall organization. In addition to the above, it reduces the overall cost of operation while blending in a secured infrastructure for everyday processes.

Organizations that are looking for cost-cutting solutions, one that can align their business with industrial trends, AWS migration meets the purpose best.

Assess your organization’s needs and then move ahead with the deployment process. In case you aren’t sure of the implementation process, get in touch with us, we can help you achieve the most ambitious business objectives with our Managed AWS cloud migration service.

Quick Highlight of Technosip’s AWS Cloud Migration Services:

  • Top-of-the-line migration expertise to assist you classify projects and priority for migration
  • Adoption of tools (proprietary) and frameworks to recognize and deploy to Public Cloud
  • Application as well as data migration from IT infrastructure to AWS Cloud infrastructure
  • Transparency and flexibility in choosing operating systems, languages, and databases
  • AWS enterprise cloud storage options for Data Migration – Amazon RDS for MySQL, Amazon EC2 + EBS for commercial RDBMS and Amazon S3 for File Servers.

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