Financial Services and Insurance Sectors Are Accelerating Digital Transformation For Excellence

Changing customer behavior, exceeding customer expectations and digitization in businesses as well as society, has forced financial services and insurance institutions to step out of their comfort zone and up their digital game. Both of these industries have realized that how investment in digital technologies could help them leverage the benefits of customer acquisition as well as satisfaction.

Financial services and insurance institutions are showing considerable promise in collaborating with fintech firms to adopt financial innovation to digitalize their existing operations and offer new solutions as services to their customers. So, digital transformation is not just a buzzword anymore. More than 89 percent of organizations are in the midst of it today. From small and medium-sized businesses to large scale enterprises are taking it seriously and are trying to implement it thoughtfully because digital transformation is your organization’s competitive advantage in the coming years.

Banks, financial institutions and credit unions have already adopted this change and moving quickly in this direction to propel further and go beyond towards digital transformation with a big push toward ease of use, speed and intuitive customer service.

Put Your Customers at the Center of Everything You Do

Customer visiting branch locations, credit unions and banks have significantly reduced as, digitalization is increasingly focusing on fulfilling the customer’s needs upon their convenience. Likewise, capital market and investment firms are precisely focusing on automation and data to fulfill the demand for faster trades and safer transactions.

The core purpose behind these innovations is a customer-centric approach. Today user experience plays a significant role, and this is the reason finance services, and insurance institutions just like tech companies give special focus on likes, stars, shares, and reviews praising their services.

Digitalization is occurring at every level in the BFSI sector; hence, it has become mandatory for financial institutions to find a new way and provide customized as well as tailored experiences to their customers. And, hence need for deploying mobile app development services comes into picture.

What benefits digital transformation is bringing for insurance companies?

Almost everyone out there is familiar with how to use their smartphones to upload documents, make claims and use apps for their utility bill payment as well as get on-time reminders for their monthly installments. As people around the world have embraced mobility, the insurance industry has moved along for digital innovation. Small, but with significant steps, insurance companies undertook changes within their operations that turned out to be a vital one. Early adopted insurance enterprises have already identified high business values for long-term gains and have achieved comprehensive benefits like,

  • Process automation for core business operations
  • Reduce operational cost
  • Faster access to the market for insurance products and services
  • Critical business insights to take faster decisions.
  • Synchronous processes increase sales, productivity, and profits.
  • Integrated design and systems to enhance customer experience
  • Lower operational costs and improved business operations
  • critical capabilities for the future underwriting and driving efficiency in claims operations

Insurtech: An Engine of Innovation

88% of the insurers are already convinced that insurtech is offering great benefits and potential business opportunities. 50% of the insurers are working on building insurtech applications or conducting experiments for the development of machine learning, chatbots, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. 19% of the insurers have already invested in it. 11% of the insurers are considering buying insurtech companies to make sure continuity of maintenance as well as innovation.

Benefits of Digital Transformation in Financial Services;

  • Streamlined Operations: Adopting digitalization streamlines business operations, saves time, money, and allows your team to be more efficient, replacing legacy process.
  • Brand Reputation: Ally Financial, Aon and Rathbones are some known financial institutions who make use of brand management software to educate and align internal teams about what their brand stands for. Their people are well trained about external communication inconsistent voice, therefore offering a great brand experience to their existing customers as well as prospects on and offline.
  • Increase in Sales: SMBs who have embraced digitalization are 26% more profitable than the average industry competitors who are enjoying a 12% higher market valuation.
  • Improve Management Decisions: Its culture, as well as people, determine any organization’s success. Robust analytics provided by technology platforms allow top management to make informed and strategic business decisions.
  • Superior Customer Experience: As per the review conducted by retail banking, it has been identified that key to winning, growing, and retaining customers in this competitive banking environment is excellent customer experience. Positive customer experience within your internal team leads positive brand experience through the entire customer journey.

Embrace the Transformation

When financial services and insurance solutions are executed smartly and mindfully, your business productivity can propel further and go beyond with unexplored efficiencies, unique cost savings and Agility to respond to the market needs with confidence. To embrace the transformation, you need the right technology development partner that can help you leverage a new day of productivity with outdated document practices. Leverage, our BFSI development services, to accelerate digital transformation in financial and insurance services.

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