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Choosing the right software development partner is vital for the success of all – startups or enterprises. You need to pool your talent right to drive maximum benefit for your business. Now you might consider that you have excellent in-house staff, but to put this right, you need extended help from time to time.

In this case, you might plan on extending your partnership with a strategic software development service provider beyond the in-house team. That means you collaborate with local staff with extended development partners. This way, you are not only adding a specific skill set to your organization’s portfolio, but additionally, you are increasing the strength of your internal talent pool to expand your global reach.

At Technosip, we have the best-in-class software developers who have in-depth knowledge and skillful expertise in all the top-notch technologies. We provide the best software professionals with over a decade of experience in the same industry. They will exclusively and dedicatedly work on your project to make the extended software development model work virtuously.

Technosip, ensures the on-time and feature-rich project execution fulfilling your unique business requirements. We also ensure to take the responsibility of your intellectual property protection and provides peace of mind with 100% guaranteed success.

Need For an Extended Development Model

Imagine that you have an exceptional business idea, totally validated, and promising enough to generate sufficient revenue. Your software engineers are doing the best to get the product right in the market, but at some point in time, it becomes tough to cope with the rising demands of the market. Dealing with customers’ demand, investors need, and above all, keep up with the altering face of technology requires an additional set of partners who could extend support to your team and help you map the much-needed goals.

In house hiring definitely seems pretty easy, but when you are planning to scale up, it’s always advisable to take the help of extended software development partner. This way, you add the specific set that is needed and hire dedicated developers to get your work done and bring your product faster to the market.

How Does Having An Extended Development Partner Help?
Following an ETM – Extended Team Model, at the start might appear cumbersome, but if you actually plan on integrating such team, you would realize it is on the contrary beneficial to have an external team that would collaborate with your in-house team to meet KPI set by the executive team, board or to maintain the high level of customer satisfaction, efficient business operations during your growth phase.

An extended team would cater to all your business needs, the scope of the project, the requirements, etc. Starting with the management of the team, defining the market needs, organizing technological aspects, and rendering the best in call solution, we at Technosip work towards enhancing and improving business operations of our partnered organization.

Having an extended team increases the spectrum of R&D capabilities as greater the number of staff you hire, more is the search space, and likewise, the knowledge. This adds greater directions, and newer avenues to optimize the development process. Also, joining hands with an extended software development team leverages the speed of development and, likewise, reduces the time to market.

Benefits of ETM Model

Access To Top Talent

As evident from the earlier discussions, hiring an extended team of developers expands your existing technical expertise and help you gain a cutting edge in the ever-growing market.

Scale Development Process

Where hiring is a long shot process, extending your team of developers with additional staff does not consume much time, and it is just a matter of days when you get going with your first project. The fact that such extended teams aren’t project-specific and task restricted, they have you in all kinds of business operations. Whether or not you have an idea, an extended development partner dives deep to get to the basics and then work along to leverage the quality of the project submitted.

Add Flexibility In Operations

As the extended team is no longer a third party connection but a member of your organization, they go beyond boundaries and maintain a level of interaction so that you can make the most of the project. Out staffing has this benefit of scheduling frequent meetings, urgent connects, and above all, regular updates by the product manager.


Extended development partners are incredibly versatile, meaning that irrespective of the type of project, the industry, or the client, they can adapt in all conditions. The extended team would take the responsibility as its own project, working on it from scratch to get it to rise sky-high. Such teams are capable of driving the exact resources to get the project done and delivered within the given time frame.

How to Collaborate With an Extended Team?

Sure that you are totally impressed by the idea of having an extended team of software development as partners to collaborate and work on your projects, but remember that it is not the best team that you need to go after. Instead, be mindful enough to map the one that meets your business and project requirements.

Few Things to Consider When It Comes To Hiring Development Partners Are:


Know what are your project requirements, and what additional skill set do you need to scale up the development process? Can your in-house staff manage to deliver the same or an extended development partner that would be beneficial?


Have one-to-one interviews of the potential teams, walk down their project portfolios, and see which one suits your expectations the best. Scrutinize them on the basis of their technological expertise and the capability to develop innovative solutions.


Once you are done with the hiring process, welcome the team onboard. Remember, the team works along with you and not for you. An extended software development partners are not to be guided but share responsibilities and get the world done in the most efficient way, one that benefits all.

What Do We Offer?

We at Technosip strive to render the best possible service. From finding out the ideal skill set to one that strategically helps in providing a technological solution, we offer end to end Startup IT solutions and services. If you have a business idea and looking to hire and extend your development team, get in touch with us. We have an excellent team that would help you find that extra staff needed to augment your existing team and further scale it as per your needs.

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