Post COVID-19 Digital Transformation is an Hour of Need for SMBs

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the business process and operations will be revolutionized, and adoption of digital-led Transformation and innovation will be the new key drivers to stay ahead of the competitors.

Considering time and opportunity, businesses have always adopted the latest technologies to deliver faster, better, and superior services to their end-users. Numbers of technological developments have played a significant role in transforming businesses over time. Today SMEs are being streamlined by a new force called ‘Digital Transformation.’

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is the process of enhancing your existing processes and integrating digital technologies across all the aspects of your business by offering new and improved services to fulfill the changing business requirements. It aims to form a value of how the Company operates and delivers value to its end users.

To achieve these goals, Technosip is helping all the shape and size of SMEs to update and upgrade their existing systems, processes, organizations, and cultures.

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Why is Digital Transformation so Important?

As per the Mckinsey, 70% of the SMEs fail when they don’t adopt transformation changes to their business processes. Some of the common pitfalls are resistance to the changing culture, poor cross-functional collaboration, and lack of leadership.

Adopting digital Transformation can help them avoid such pitfalls by demonstrating roadmap to success. Neither the executives, not the employees stray away during transformational business conditions as digital Transformation provides an opportunity to evolve the business and deliver a cutting-edge user experience to the end-users.

At Technosip we are offering customer-centric digital transformation services be it,

  • Innovative culture implementation
  • Digitized business model
  • Collaborative leadership
  • Talent enrichment within the enterprise
  • Customer-centric products and services

5 Stages to Begin Your Digital Transformation Journey

Emerging Pathway to Digital Organization Maturity

Identify Digital Transformation Objective:

Our top-tier experts will start understanding your organization’s level of digitization need to align the present as well as long term goals. Every organization is unique, so does their goals. Identifying the digital maturity model will be an excellent help to precisely understand the level of digitization.

Build a Digital Transformation Strategy:

We define a clear objective and create a feasible upgrade plan that includes the right set of improvement areas and how to start integrating digital systems from those areas. We create a digital transformation strategy with a future proof automation strategy. So it does not interrupt your existing business operations and your experience a hassle-free digital business transformation.

Implement the Right set of Technologies:

Whether you want support for hybrid cloud with AWS, cloud-based integration, AWS implementation, architecting for the cloud, AWS cloud transformation services, Salesforce service cloud, Salesforce consulting, Salesforce migration or Salesforce implementation services; we sit together with your team to do in-detail brainstorming before implementing the right set of tools and technologies

Data-Driven Insights:

With the help of Key Performance Indicator, we track and analyze the overall performance of your business, and based on that; we make informed decisions to help you achieve key business objectives. KPIs convey the overall business objective across your organization and also make sure that the business’s overarching goals are top of mind. Taking the help of data is a customer-centric approach, and it is also helpful in wisely using your marketing budget.

Implement a Digital Culture Among the Organization:

Cultural change will take some time but is the betterment for your business.  The reason I mentioned why only 30% of the SMBs successfully turn out to be a large-scale organization is 70% of them are not adopting new transformational changes. This is where they miss the next revolution. So here are the 3 significant cultural changes we make sure are connected so you can successfully achieve Digital Transformation.

  • Your organization is wholeheartedly adopting the change and willingly learning from their breakdown and failures.
  • We make sure your business associates are encouraged to solve critical problems
  • All the departments are equally connected and responsible for meeting the changing customers’ needs

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McCormick & Company: User-focused Digital Transformation

McCormick & Company is an American food organization that markets, manufactures, and distributes condiments, spices, and seasoning mixes. With the aim of offering personal experiences based on their user’s recommendations, they introduced FlavorPrint. This online flavor recommendation tool matches with the user’s taste and the kind of food they love. The tool simply takes a quick puzzle and collect the data to deliver personalized custom recipes based on their user’s personal preferences. The idea got wild recognition and known as “Next Netflix for Food.”

Similarly, considering your business model, we can help you develop digital tools to collect users’ data and deliver user-focused products as well as services.

Delivering New as well as Improved Customer Experiences

IDC recently updated an average U.S data center is 12 years old. A modern data center is the first and foremost place from where digital Transformation takes place. Such data centers weren’t designed to deal with today’s high-density environment. As more and more SMEs are moving towards the cloud, data centers are required to design and operate their data centers environment.

At Technosip, we acknowledge and help all the shape and size of businesses to embrace critical digital trends to reap the rewards as large scale organization. From improving customer experiences to transforming into near-instant responsiveness, we help SMBs to create connected and automated processes. After in-detail research, we develop an integrated multi-functional business management solution to improve their customer experience and accelerate the business growth.

Futuristic Business Opportunities for SMBs

Post COVID-19 digital transformation is a perfect adoption for SMBs to leverage the immense expansion of opportunities. We can help you adopt the right set of tools, technologies, and strategies to accelerate your business growth. We are a globally renowned Digital Transformation service provider. We can help you digitize your business today irrespective of business, geography, industry, regulatory hurdles, as well as other aspects.

Wrapping Up

At Technosip, we have top-of-the-line expertise in offering digital strategies, engineering capabilities, facilitating interactive reporting, interactive designs, and immersive experiences. This has made us the first and foremost choice of SMBs to choose us as their digital transformation services and consulting partner. We really want you to serve as another strategic business partner like you. Please, do get in touch with us at to digitalize your business today. We are also renowned for offering top-of-the-line digital transformation consulting services.

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