To Fight Against Global Adversity and to Help You Keep Your Business Rolling We are Ensuring Uninterrupted Software Development

Stores shut, restaurants and malls closed, churches abandoned, and life put to a halt, the rapidly evolving COVID-19 has left no country untouched, and no sector disbarred, and the USA has affected the most. The pandemic that originated from the Wuhan city of China has now captured every country worldwide.

People are now instructed to #StayHome and #StaySafe to avoid any kind of outdoor activities. Even academic institutions have been forced to postpone their exams. Amidst such a melancholy, the corporate industry, too, is a victim of the novel virus. It has been a couple of weeks since the closure of offices, mandating the work to suffer.

The Global Impact of Sudden Lockdown

Adhering to the safety and health of all, the US government has announced total lockdown. The above has had a tremendous impact on business operations. Transportation and cargo delivery has been banned, there isn’t any movement in the manufacturing and automobile industry, and others are paying a huge price. Amidst all of this juggernaut, the IT sector has taken up to the culture of remote working.

The organizations are asking their employees to work from their homes to keep the industrial requirements without compromising anybody’s health and safety.

A similar initiative is taken by us at Technosip. As important as our customers are, we also value our employees, and nothing stands ahead of their health. We abide by the fatalities of the current situation, but serving our potential customers is also important, and hence, we now shift to remote working. So your project does not have to suffer in such pandemic time.

As we speak, all of our departments are working from home, communicating, and collaborating to finish deadlines and make sure none of our clients as well as project suffer.

So, are you wondering how Technosip is ensuring Uninterrupted software development services?

As a globally renowned New York-based web and mobile application development company, we are following the corporate protocols for the remote working set in place. For our existing as well as new clients, this has helped us set up a modern working environment for our functional departments.

Now you can consider us as remote working specialists because it’s more than a month we are working with this model. We are highly encrypted in terms of internal communication, development and on-time delivery as our employees have formed an in-office environment in the comfort of their home to ensure uninterrupted software development services and to support you in fighting against global adversity along with you.

Let’s find it out how we are offering uninterrupted software development services to keep up business rolling.

Work from Home – Technosip Take On Social Distancing

We are a renowned Software development company based in New York and New Jersey, remote working isn’t something new for us. Though our employees haven’t been accustomed to working at a longer stretch, since the situation demands, we are all set to reinstate our job.

We have deployed secured tools for communication and collaboration across teams. Additional software, as well as hardware, have been installed in the systems so they can adapt the situation and efficiently deliver the result as always, they are delivering. With our existing clients we are working with this model they are quite happy with the result and on-time deliverables.

Software and Hardware Installed:

As a smarter move, we have provided our employees with dedicated software and hardware to continue with the projects. Apart from this, every employee has a remote connection to access all relevant documents stored on the cloud. For projects that require significant software, we have provided our employees with pre-configured laptops/tablets to ensure quality work.

So, you don’t have to worry at all; whether you are looking for enterprise-grade software development services or planning to leverage the expertise of our certified AWS solutions architects, we promise to provide you the most ambitious business objectives with our managed AWS Cloud Consulting Service.

Security is a top concern:

Though we cannot replicate the entire office environment, ones that are fully encrypted, we do understand the importance of all our organizations as well as our customer’s data. It is possible that the network used by the employee isn’t secured or as much protected. To deal with this, we have embedded antiviruses and additional software to eliminate every possibility of attacks or hacks. Also, VPN has been embedded to access data from the office environment remotely. We are taking all measures to ensure the privacy of data and security of all interactions.

Seamless Collaboration:

Working from home will only be effective when there is seamless communication between employees, customers, and others. Without being able to share documents or communicate with the members of the team, we cannot ensure productivity. Here again, Technosip has facilitated the integration of communication tools so that employees can connect and officially interact with each other. This ensures connectedness, which further leads to on-time deliverables.

Project Management:

For Project management, we are facilitating Jira and Slack to accurately manage and monitor time and project progress. We will also assign a technical project manager to assist you with your questions at your convenience.
A backup team is working tirelessly to ensure every remote system runs effectively without facing any software or hardware issues. The team also operates remotely, connecting with the employee’s system to locate and fix errors.

A Directive to All Our Employees

Apart from setting up infrastructure for initiating uninterrupted work, we have also laid a directive instructing all of our employees within the office premises and for the ones working from home, guiding them to stay safe and avoid any form of gathering.

  1. We issued norms educating our employees about the causes and the symptoms of COVID- 19 and the other significant things that they should know about.
  2. We have advocated the usage of sanitizers and masks for the ones who aren’t healthy.
  3. Disposable wipes have been kept at every desk to ensure total hygiene.
  4. We have strictly instructed all to avoid gatherings and public places.

Final Word

We all are facing a tough time, grappling to deal with the pandemic. While everything is done to keep us safe, we are all set and ready to offer our software development services without any delay. Whether you wish to develop the software or looking for helping hand to maintenance and support of your existing project, Technosip is all up and active, outsource your project as we are remotely ready to assist you at your convenience and with your specific software development requirements. To know more about the Remote outsourcing Model, get in touch with us at

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