Most Common NetSuite ERP Implementation Mistakes 

(How to Avoid Them)

ERP software implementation is a huge decision from the business point of view. Whenever you decide to implement ERP software for your business, the first and foremost step is hiring an experienced partner. You will be at a significant loss if you fail to consider this parameter. Mostly 75% of the Netsuite ERP implementation fails due to the selection of wrong and inexperienced partners. This blogpost covers most common Netsuite ERP Implementation mistakes and how to avoid them.

What is Netsuite?

Netsuite is an ERP software that enables you to carry out your complete business activities in a single cloud system. Netsuite ERP integration helps integrate all the business processes starting from Finance, Supply Chain, Warehousing, and Production to human resources under one cloud system. Its main objective is to streamline the business operation and help in increasing productivity with minimal effort and advanced technology. In addition, it will help you simplify all the reporting, invoicing, material management, ledgers, finances, and HR activities.

Well! It sounds great, right, and it is, but Netsuite ERP integration is effective only when you avoid the below mistakes.

07 NetSuite ERP Implementation Mistakes

  1. Selecting an untrained professional for implementation

Believe us, it will be a big hit on your financials if you select the wrong Netsuite Implementation partner. The selection of the right partner is the first step towards implementation. Always prefer the partner who has experience in implementing ERP in a similar business type, as it is yours. The one who will provide complete assistance even after implementation.

  1. Improper Budget Planning

It is business, so everything should be within budget. It is always advisable to have a detailed meeting with the partner you have chosen for implementation. Ask for the proper Netsuite ERP implementation plans and the budget to make it cost-effective.

  1.  Lack of involvement of all the crucial parties 

When heading towards Netsuite ERP implementation, all the key decision makers involved in your business should be proper and complete involvement. They should have a complete understanding of the process to check all the loopholes while implementing and correct them before it goes live. They should develop the proper requirement plan and keep an eye on the deliverable provided by the implementation partner. Lack of understanding and involvement will lead you nowhere after the system goes live.

  1. Improper Data Management

Before ERP Software Implementation, you should be ready with the proper data you want after implementation. Cleaning and organizing data are most important; while migrating old to the new software, the incorrect data is carried, and at last, there will be a complete mess. There is a lot of data everywhere; a concerned person from each department must plan what data to keep and what data is to be removed. Proper and clear instructions should be presented to the partner working on the migration part.

  1. Lack of training for the employees

Ultimately, every software is to be used by the employees only, and if you are not conducting proper training for them, then all the money, time, and effort put into the transition will be a total mess. If your employees are not involved and don’t know that the new system its working, even the best implementation partner can do nothing. So, keep proper time and budget for imparting training to the employees.

  1. Thinking of getting everything in one go

Although the interface of Netsuite is quite simple and clean, if you think that it will change the complete picture of your business in one go, then please re-think. It will take some time to get fully mature with your business process. The Netsuite ERP Implementation is not a miracle; you will get all the results overnight and in one stance.

  1. Comparing and mixing with your old ERP process

If you try to recreate your old process with Netsuite ERP, it will become too hard for you. It would help if you kept a belief that the new process you are investing your money, time, and effort in will be well-tuned.

Therefore, if you want to grow your old business to new heights, Netsuite ERP Implementation is the right choice. Its interface is very simple and clean, and its beauty is that it enables cross-functional improvements. Moreover, it is user-friendly, and in some months, you will observe improvement in your old process. However, you will get the maximum benefit only when you avoid the aforementioned Netsuite ERP Implementation mistakes.

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