Staff Augmentation- Sure-Shot Approach to Multiply your Product Development Capabilities

Great things are developed or produced by great teams, and we all know this fact well. This is why enterprises emphasize building a proficient team more than anything else. However, this is a tough nut to crack, owning to numerous complexities like different skills to be taken on board, high talent hiring and retention costs, monotonous recruitments, and so on. Staff augmentation ushered up as a blessing in disguise in this context.

By sweeping all the hiring hassles aside, this hiring strategy empowers an organization with the right talent and human resources in no time. With it, it’s easy to empower the existing product development team while not facing high overheads. Learn more about this game-changer.

Staff augmentation is the most widely used hiring strategy in certain industries like IT. 

  • Why is it so? 
  •  What makes it so special? 
  •  Who can all be benefitted from this approach? 


Let’s figure out the answers together. 

Staff Augmentation – A Viable Way to Thrive 

With time, the industry is becoming more competitive than before and will have a place only for those who have managed to acquire a better grasp of the technology. But, hiring technology experts skilled in different technology stacks is too much a resource-intensive job. 

Even an enterprise struggles hard to make it happen. For startups, things are worst beyond one’s imagination. 

For both the ecosystems, staff augmentation showed up as a doable method that takes the most extensive technology stack on the board without exhausting the investments and capital. 

Those who’re new to the staff augmentation idea need to know that it’s an outsourcing model wherein enterprises/startups can take experts of desired skills on board without getting tangled in interviewing, hiring, training, and other linked hassles. 

This outsourcing is done by third-party service providers who bear all the responsibilities of hiring the professionals and providing them to the seekers at subscription, pay per hour, and various other costing models. 

What makes it different from other human resource outsourcing models is that it acts as an enhancement solution. With this practice, organizations can empower the in-house team to accelerate the project development time while filling the technology gap. 

Technosip is the preferred IT staff augmentation partner because we are a one-stop solution for partial and full outsourcing. We will help you double your software development speed by reducing product development costs.

Let’s Discuss Scope Now

Example: How staff augmentation helps to build a better product?

Let’s say you already have a team of developers working on an Android app. 

Earlier, the project delivery time was 3-months, which was achievable with the existing team. Suddenly, the client demanded speedy delivery as their product launch pre-pond. In that case, you can hire more developers leveraging our staff augmentation services

You can hire as many developers laced with the knowledge of desired technology stack related to your project. As these developers are ready-to-assist, you can utilize their help instantly. 

Though staff augmentation is a famous approach among all industries, it has emerged as a viable solution for the IT industry as it instantly addresses the evolving technology requirements of this industry. 

Types of Staff Augmentation You Might Prefer to Go for

There are multiple types of staff augmentation, and one has to understand all of them to make the most of this approach. Below mentioned are the key ways to bring staff augmentation into practice:

  • A boutique agency that is suitable for professionals possessing rare skills and suitable to address exclusive needs.
  • Master vendor staff augmentation is suitable for quick and bulk-hiring while keeping the overheads under control.
  • Many on-demand talent-hiring platforms are helping in hassle-free and quick hiring. Seekers can post their requirements on these platforms and instantly get the most suitable options.
  • Gig platforms are talent marketplaces bringing global professionals to your disposal. This staff augmentation approach is suitable for short tasks.
  • Hiring independent contractors or freelancers is also a highly demanding way to augment the existing staff strength. As contract terms are simple and easy to understand, this method is famous among businesses expecting the least possible operational hassles. 

Benefits of Adopting Staff Augmentation

  • Access to the large talent pool
  • Freedom and flexibility in talent acquisition
  • A chance to reduce hiring cost
  • An easy way to expand the team and fill the skill gap
  • An opportunity to gain full control over project management

When Is Staff Augmentation the Best Fit?

Though staff augmentation is highly beneficial, it will be a real game-changer when it’s done in the right situations. Here are the scenarios when it will reap maximum benefits.

  • Take its help when project delivery time duration is short, and you need to ensure quality while meeting the deadlines.
  • In case a particular project requires niche expertise, you can fill it with staff augmentation as it allows you to hire remote developers of needed excellence for the desired period. Skill shortage is a major issue as a recent McKinsey & Company report confirmed that 87 percent of companies are facing it. Sometimes, the reason is the inaccessibility to the right talent, while others face the hassles because of high talent-hiring and acquisition overheads. Regardless of the reason, staff augmentation will fill the expertise gap in your organization instantly.
  • Suppose your IT infrastructure is not as strong as it should be and you’re using legacy systems at a few verticals. In that case, staff augmentation is also a great help as it will digitally transform your organization without actually doing anything.
  • Certain projects demand fresh perspectives or wide approaches for timely and quality delivery. But, you can’t hire a professional because of this reason. Staff augmentation will bring new ideas to the table without exhausting resources and time. 

The Final Word: Staff augmentation is the ideal approach in 2022

Are you still dealing with talent crunch? Go for staff augmentation without hesitating.

In today’s cutthroat world, survival is only possible when one can meet deadlines and clients’ expectations at an equal pace. In such a scenario, staff augmentation is indeed an easy way to expand the existing team and improve the service delivery while staying away from the hassles like hiring, training, and team management. 

However, the success-driving factor here is having the right kind of staff augmentation solution by your side. So, make sure that you choose Technosip as your IT outsourcing partner known for offering multiple hiring models, keeping the contract terms simple and easy-to-understand, and housing a large talent pool. With such a partner, things are as smooth as butter, and businesses will likely face the least possible hurdles. 

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