Why CEOs and CTOs Prefer to Hire Dedicated Development Team in 2022?

Dedicated development team or hire remote resources/contractor/contingent developers? This is something that irks most CEOs or CTOs. Having a dedicated development team is always practice, and no other alternative was there.

But, with time and the rise of remote developers or on-contract developers, CEOs and CTOs got a choice. The event of COVID-19 caused a huge surge in remote development team in 2022

In the US alone, there are more than 54,000,000 million freelancers. As this hiring model comes with immediate and lucrative perks like no hiring hassle and reduced operational cost, businesses don’t think twice about adopting it. 

But, can it beat the efficacy of a dedicated development team? 

Well, this is what we’ll figure out next. 

What is a Dedicated Development Team?

One of the most famous collaboration models, a dedicated development team is committed to one product owner at a time. All of its skills and strategies are used to flourish and nourish the employer. Such a team can either work from the company-owned premise or remotely.

But, the development they handle, the instructions they follow, and the company policy they adhere to are only linked with one particular organization. A full-fledged software/application development team features members like developer, tester, and security expert on board in this hiring model.

Here, businesses and the development team collaborate for a longer period and work towards the same goal. The payment terms are generally based on the fixed price (FP) or time & material (T&M) model. From the surface, a remote dedicated development team looks like an in-house team, working relentlessly towards your success.

When CEOs and CTOs Prefer to Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team

Even though hiring a dedicated software development team brings ample benefits in every situation, there are few cases where its utility is best-of-breed and is unmatched. 

CEOs and CTOs love to work with remote development teams in 2022 when:

  • They need to launch a new product with less time-to-market. A dedicated software development team will be a great extension of your in-house developer team and speed up the software/application process.
  • There is an operational cost-crunch. This holds especially in the case of CEOs and CTOs of start-ups and small businesses. As dedicated development team hiring doesn’t impose many hiring expenses.
  • They need to scale immediately. Every business seeks growth and a dedicated development team will help you scale instantly.
  • They need to work on a long-term project with limited budgeting.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Development Team

With a dedicated development team, the sky is the limit as this model is:

Cost-Effective and Easy

This one is a brainer. Those who chose this model won’t have to engage in hiring hassles like job posting, interviewing, employee training, talent retention, and so on. This way, it proffers quality talent at subsided cost and efforts.

Highly Flexible

The dedicated development team is very flexible in-service delivery and is open to being available as per the need of the projects and organizational goals. One has the freedom to reduce or expand the team size, add skills as per the need of the moment, and make any other changes.

Useful to Have Easy Talent Access

You’ll have access to a wide range of skills and talent in a blink of an eye. Also, you’re permitted to choose the talent pool as per the requirements.

Great For a Quick Development Cycle

When a team of experts is working only on one project, it’s obvious that the project will be completed at the right time and with fewer efforts.

Engagement Model Options Available For Hiring Remote Development Teams

In case you’re convinced that a dedicated development team is the best bet to make, it’s time to know about the offered model. Presently, there are three hiring models.

  • Dedicated Team: As mentioned above, this model allows you to hire remote development team that remains committed to you from beginning to end. You will have complete control over the ongoing development, and you can manage as per your command and control.
  • Extended Team: It is also referred to as staff augmentation model; a bunch of remote developers is collaborating with the in-house developers of the hiring company. It’s like an extension of the existing team.
  • Outsourced Team: This hiring model involves hiring a developer team from a third-party vendor. Here, clients have less control over the team.

How to Hire Dedicated Development Team

When one considers to hire a dedicated development team, a lot goes into consideration. For instance:

One has to think about which all sort of developers to hire via this model. In general, back-end & back-end developers, mobile developers, UI/UX designers, QA Specialists, DevOps Engineers, and Business Analysts are hired. In addition, you can also hire project managers and data scientists. But, their demand is less.

Next, one needs to decide from which location a dedicated developer team should be hired as location effects costing. For instance, hiring a team from South America will always have excellence issues as people are not as skilled as are of North America. But, hiring a dedicated team from North America is a costly affair for sure. So, figure out your spending capacity and expectations out of a dedicated development team, and then start hunting down.

After this come the platforms or means of hiring a dedicated development team. There are many options, including online platforms and specified service providers. With the first option, a bit more hard work is required as there are many options to choose from. We always root for handing over in the hands of trusted, dedicated development team service providers as they bring the best expertise at least possible efforts.

Once you have got the right partner, make sure that you sign the NDA agreement with it as this one single step protects your data and ensures that your data is not exposed to third parties or misused.

Why Should You Hire Dedicated Developers from Technosip?

While there is no point to raise a finger on the utility of the dedicated development team as it’s a proven fact that such a team is cost-optimized, deliver service immediately, and is easy-to-manage, one can’t deny the fact that the success of the entire process depends on the trusted partner. You’re eligible to reap all these benefits of hiring a dedicated developer team only when it comes from a dependable source.

Technosip is a long-standing name in the industry of hiring a dedicated development team as we’re known to provide skilled and seasoned development teams for expedient and optimized application/product/software/IoT development.

We have already empowered the industry’s top guns like Barclays, Citi, Cardinal Health, My Places, NETA, and many more. The very fact that the team is flexible, skill-intensive, and holds unmatched expertise is enough to make us your reliable growth partner.

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