Why Should You Hire Dedicated Developers Over Freelancers?

Since an application has become an integral part of managing business tasks, business owners need to find professional developers to craft such apps. Every enterprise looks for cheaper options while searching for professional developers. You have two options for hiring application developers: hire dedicated development team and freelancers. This blogpost will find a detailed discussion on dedicated developers vs freelancers for developing applications.

Who Are Dedicated Developers?

Many software development companies offer dedicated developers to their clients. Where the client gets a team of developers who exclusively work on their application development project. The team typically comprises a group of developers such as front-end, back-end, UI UX, DevOps, and Project manager.

Since a dedicated team of developers works on the project, the client can expect faster project completion. Nevertheless, software companies train their developers to work for clients remotely.

An Introduction to the Freelancers

Small enterprises face a challenge with budget allocation for their software or application development projects. Therefore, they look for cheaper options when it comes to hiring software developers. Hiring dedicated developers can be costly, though such developers offer better efficiency. Freelancers are the cheaper alternatives to dedicated developers. However, there are a few drawbacks to hiring a team of freelancers for application development projects.

The most significant drawback is the lack of commitment, as freelancers tend to work on multiple projects at a time. Another problem is the lack of experience and efficiency. You may not obtain the desired result with the freelancers.

Who Is Better for Your Application Development Project?

Before developing business apps, business owners must understand the differences between dedicated developers and freelancers. In the following section, find a guide on dedicated developers vs freelancers.

  1. Commitment and Responsibility

Being a product owner you must look for developers who offer commitment and responsibility. A dedicated remote development team working for your business full-time will show a higher commitment than freelancers. Nevertheless, the dedicated developers undergo professional training, and thus they understand responsibilities perfectly.

  1. Cost of Development

The biggest reason why people hire a freelancer is the cost-effectiveness. Freelancers can serve clients at a lower budget, though it does not mean hiring dedicated developers is always an expensive matter. The cost of hiring dedicated developers is higher, though it can still be affordable for small and medium enterprises. Since the competition is cut-throat, many software development companies offer low-budget packages to their clients.

  1. Project Security

While developing business applications or software, security should be regarded as the most crucial thing. Security depends on many factors, and following the standardized development process ensures optimum security. While freelancers often do not align with the standard development process, dedicated developers religiously follow industry benchmarks. As a result, your software or application will find better data security.

  1. Technology and Tools

Dedicated developers are better equipped than freelancers. A dedicated development team uses advanced technologies and tools for developing software or applications. Therefore, you can expect more satisfactory solutions from dedicated developers. On the other hand, most freelancer teams are not well-equipped with the latest tools for seamless and robust project management. Therefore, the services of freelancers sometimes do not match the industry standards.

  1. Long-term Association

Freelancers are suitable for a small-term project, as they cannot offer a professional commitment for a long time. If you are looking for a more reliable team of developers for your project, you should hire dedicated developers. A team of dedicated developers will be assigned to your project for a long time.

  1. Flexibility

Dedicated developers offer better flexibility to the clients. You can change an executive if you find the person non-productive. But, freelancers do not offer such flexibility. Therefore, you have limited options for changing the developer team members if required.

So, the above discussion on dedicated developers vs freelancers indicates that hiring dedicated developers is more beneficial than hiring freelancers. You can complete your software development project in a smaller span with dedicated developers. Nevertheless, they assure top-notch efficiency.

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