Enterprise Mobile Application Development Guide 2021

These days, enterprise web application development is gaining popularity amongst enterprises. All such organizations are looking for some effective techniques to reduce the wastage of time and valuable resources today. A specifically designed mobile application is one of the crucial keys to accomplishing that.

Are you not sure what we are talking about, or are you willing to know more about enterprise mobile application development to get started with it?

This guide will surely help you a lot.

What is Enterprise Mobile Application Development?

Enterprise mobile application development is developing a mobile application for an enterprise to streamline its business operations, workflow optimization, stakeholder engagement, and simplification of routine chores. It helps employees to have easy access to company data and perform their work responsibilities better.

In this scenario, mobile app development is all about addressing various business needs and establishing a reliable and secured connection between different stakeholders of an enterprise.

Combining an enterprise mobile application development with a cloud-based enterprise system offers benefits like reduced operational cost and better control over the business.

Types of Enterprise Mobile Applications

Let us now discuss the various types of enterprise mobile applications that can be developed for an enterprise.

Employee Level

Employee-level mobile applications are task and position-oriented and made specifically for employees. These are loaded with limited features, as they are designed only for internal use. Employee app helps executives to keep an eye on employee workflow and staying updated on the progress of various projects.

Department Level

The department-level apps aim to facilitate the internal workflow of specific departments only such as finance, HR, sales, or marketing. Such apps incorporate department-level features and assist executives to monitor their subordinates’ productivity and manage various departments as enterprise units.

Enterprise Level

An enterprise-level app connects various departments of an enterprise and brings the enterprise under a single umbrella. It enables employees from different departments to connect and communicate with the higher-level executives. Moreover, it also offers users access to various crucial information and databases.

Best Platform for Enterprise Mobile Application Development

The two main widely used platforms are Android and iOS. Still, depending on business requirements, you may require a cross-platform app, a native app, or a cloud-based app. So there are four basic platforms available for enterprise mobile application development:

  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. Cross-platform
  4. Cloud Platform

Best Tools for Enterprise Mobile Application Development

Most app developers prefer using cross-platform development tools as these tools fulfill all the needs of app development. Although there are numerous tools available, few are suggested here:

  • Adobe Application
  • SAP
  • Kony
  • Appcelerator
  • Alpha

Enterprise Mobile Application Development Process

The main phases of development of enterprise mobile apps are:

Outline Your Ideas

It is significant to get to the bottom of the aim and goals of the application development and frame the strategies accordingly. Identify the requirements and pain points of the app audience and outline the major purpose of the application. This would help an application developer to have a clear understanding of the objectives and intent of the enterprise mobile application development.

Choosing the Platform

Now it’s time to make a decision on the relevant operating system to run your mobile application. Before selecting a relevant application development platform your need to consider and analyze the user perspective. Identify which platform your stakeholders make use of the most, iOS or Android. However, most of the enterprises settle on cross-platform application development to aim for more users.

Designing a Prototype

After deciding on the goal and platform of your mobile application, it’s time to consider the core functionality of your enterprise mobile application. Based on the required functionality the app developer will design a prototype of the upcoming application. It will help you to know about the features and aesthetics of your upcoming mobile application. In this developing phase, you can customize and test the feasibility of your future mobile application.

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Hire a Developer

Then it’s time to hire an application developer for the smooth development of your enterprise mobile application. You can choose to go for in-house development or can outsource it to more experienced developers. Outsourcing has its own significant perks like they have the best feasible ideas and solutions to all the problems that may arise during the developmental phase.

This phase of application development demands an alliance of UI and UX designers and developers. A UX designer will work on the functional part of the application and a UI designer will design its visual part, to build a user-friendly and intuitive interface design of the application. The program developers will then erect a full-fledged functional mobile application.

Application Testing

It is the final phase of the process to test the developed application in and out. Make sure that the developed application is tested thoroughly for any sort of bugs. You can also choose automated testing, ensuring a perfect and reliable examination of the application. After launching your enterprise mobile application, ask for user feedback to identify the areas of improvement, if any.

Benefits of Enterprise Mobile Application

  • It offers a better alliance across various departments in an enterprise.
  • It enables you to efficiently manage business transactions and payments, by incorporating desired payment features and notifications on third-party payment deadlines.
  • Quick access to enterprise information helps your employees to provide excellent customer services, better issue resolutions, and faster response times.
  • Enterprise mobile application Development allows you to work and access information while you are on the move.
  • It eliminates the old-school process of dependency on paper and provides more efficient and secured processes.
  • Enterprise mobile application development keeps all your employees in touch with their subordinates and helps in building a healthy and positive relationship between them.
  • It automatically synchronizes and stores the statistics in the background and allows you to access data and work offline.
  • Enterprise mobile application Development automates complicated operations and regular tasks of the employees and allows real-time collaboration. It allows your employees to focus on other important tasks, thus boosting employee productivity.
  • A customized enterprise application provides efficient control over supply chain processes like warehouse management and transportation management.

Closing words

An enterprise mobile application loaded with automation techniques and quality features contribute to an enterprise’s overall success. It assists in attaining the highest operational efficiency and optimizing profits for an enterprise.

However, mobile app development for enterprises is a time-consuming process that depends on factors like the app’s complexity, software’s productivity and functionality, and the developer’s skills.

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