Is Your Business Contributing to the Global Mobile Application Market?(Valued at $170.52 Billion)

A human’s everyday activity beginning from a morning alarm notification to grocery list reminder, enrouting destination guidelines, bill payments, ordering food, to setting up the next day’s plan, is inculcated within a small world in their hands- smartphones. Yes, right, there is a mobile app on your smartphone for merely any human task. This invasion has increased the number of handheld devices that have majestic features.

Global Mobile App Market Size

In 2018, the global mobile application market size was USD 106.27 billion, and in 2026, it is expected to hit USD 407.31 billion. The CAGR is rising at a rate of 18.4%. The mobile application development industry is growing frantically. Especially post the COVID effect, people are more into their web apps.

The rise of the global mobile app market is a result of heightened investments in digitization. Also, technologies like IoT, AR/VR, Beacons, etc., are adhering to the growth. Due to the enticing deals on eCommerce platforms, numerous discounts, and the production sector, mobile apps are on the high-side.

Some out-of-the-box trends witnessed in the mobile app markets:

  • Increase of 75% in banking and finance applications.
  • Online food delivery apps have grown over 150% compared to the last few years.
  • On-demand car/taxi service apps have witnessed a 25% growth.
  • Mobile shopping grew by over 75% in the USA over last year.

Why Does Your Business Need a Mobile App?

If you want to take your business to the next frontier, investing in a mobile app for your company is the obvious choice you should make. Ideally, all your customers are using smartphones, and mobile apps are the best medium to get to them.

These facts will surely encourage you to take my considerations:

  • 90% of your customers spend time on mobile apps.
  • 26% of people search relevant mobile apps on search engines.
  • 58% of mobile users grow year by year.
  • 16% of business mobile apps are expected to be downloaded in upcoming years.

The 7 prominent reasons why your business needs a mobile app are here.

1. Increased Visibility

Let me remind you about the lead generation funnel. It all begins with exposure. Having a mobile app on your user’s smartphone will make you exposed. Every time they unlock their phones to open a specific app, they’re bound to come across your business app, and hey this is the time your logo hits them.

This presence works unconsciously in your user’s mind and makes your brand visible. And the cycle begins. Exposure leads to influence, engagement, and they make an action. This way, visibility leads you to customer loyalty. Moreover, you can also add promotions in your mobile app to keep users engaged.

2. For cultivating Customer loyalty

A mobile app is the medium of direct communication with your customer. Compared to social media ads, roadside banners, or email marketing, your mobile app ads, promotions, and in-app purchases impact your customers far better.

You can customarily attract your users by varied offers and promotions. One great example of gaining customer loyalty was put by Starbucks. The user app offers a gold star point whenever they visit a Starbuck outlet. In this manner, a customer revisits the outlet more often just to earn a reward point. Smart move, isn’t it?

3. Better Brand recognition

A mobile app enables you to make your customers more aware of your brand. Sure, you want your brand to be the first thought in your customer’s mind whenever thinking about your product or service.

To make that happen, including all the useful features in your mobile app that your customers love. Additionally, you can add promotions, offers, and in-app purchases depending upon your customer’s choices.

4. Direct marketing channel

Brochures, salesmen, hoardings, etc., are all the old-school marketing methods that are no more effective for retaining or attracting customers. With a mobile app, you can feature anything from a newsfeed, booking, information—promotion, etc. The push notification and reminders help your customers to be pinned about your brand activities and events.

5. Rise in Profits

A fully functioning mobile app serves your customers rightly, and a satisfied customer increases your sales. The famous Domino’s pizza noticed an exceptional rise in their profits as soon as they launched their mobile app. Over 28% of their customers immediately ordered through their mobile app.

6. To increase accessibility

Gone are the days when you and your marketing team would travel cities and across borders to market your channels and brand. A mobile app enables you to instantly market your ideas across a huge crowd.

Any discount or sale will reach across all your customers just by a single push notification on every device holding your business app.

7. Better customer service

Customers love you if you solve their queries. Instead of 24*7 customer support, you can enable AI chatbots for your mobile app customer support. This move can be a game-changer by taking your customer service to the next level.

Well apart from all these advantages, you will also get better visibility on the Google SERP by having a mobile app.

What Are You Losing If Your Business Is Not Mobile-Enabled?

If you are still not convinced about investing in a mobile app for your business, you must know what you are losing out on.

Customers- is what you lose when not having the option for your mobile app development. Do you know that your potential customers are finding you on the internet? And most of the time, they prefer browsing on their mobile phones instead of desktop or laptop devices. Mobile is the handy go-to device that serves human needs.

Just having a website will not pacify your customers. Because Google punishes you for not having a mobile-friendly website. It leads to a bad user experience. Google search engine restricts you from being on the top results of your potential customers if your website is not mobile-friendly.

I’m sure you don’t want your customers to the trouble to find you, right? A Google survey has found that 74% of visitors revisit your website if it is mobile-friendly. 67% of users will purchase from your website if it is mobile-friendly. And 61% of users will quit your website if it is not supported for mobile.

Benefits of Having A Mobile Application

There are immense benefits of running a mobile app for your business, which helps you and your customers lead a healthy growth. Here are some of the additional perks for your business:

  • Customers leverage from the promotions & great support system.
  • Value addition through Loyalty programs.
  • You get to develop a better connection with your Customers.
  • High Engagement Levels


With a clear depiction of the global mobile app market scenario, you are now convinced that opting to go for your business mobile app development is the best decision for your business excellence. You might be searching for a mobile app development company that provides the best mobile app development services.

Technosip is a globally renowned hybrid app development service provider and will help you achieve your business goals by developing an outstanding mobile app for your business. What are you waiting for then? Get in touch with us today to leverage our top-notch mobile app development services.

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