How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Online Travel Portal

For ages, humans have always felt the need to travel from one place to another, be it for the reason of working or for pleasure. Travel and tourism are an integral part of essential human nature. In today’s technology-based market and data-backed information services, the hospitality and travel industry has hugely benefited and have made it convenient for every traveler. The technological advancement in today’s era has provided everyone with powers to develop the business on their creativity.

As a result, the travel companies have transformed from a local travel agency to online travel portals to offer convenient and custom travel solution. This unforeseen change in the market has greatly revolutionized the way people used to plan their trips. Nowadays modern travel portals are all about customized services and impeccable customer experience all around the travel. The custom travel solutions for tourism and hospitality will help them to discover new revenue increased customer loyalty through a range of travel based products.

So, how can we determine the cost to make a travel Website/Application?

The cost depends on various factors and the specific requirements of the client. A proper developed integrated website/App would offer a custom branded end-user experience along with travel fulfillment functionality. Usually, travel portals can be categorized in two different types- B2B and B2C. The cost depends on the size of the application as well as features along with functionalities built into the application.

B2B Online Travel Portal Features:

  • Several management for Holidays, Hotels, Flights or transfers.
  • 24*7*365 booking support for all agents, sub-agents
  • Booking Engines for Hotels, Flights, Holidays, Activities and Transfer services
  • multi-currency and language
  • Registration and membership for customers
  • Add unlimited agents and manage agents data
  • Agents help clients to look after their requirement and proper usage of their packages.
  • MIS Reports for Administrator and Agents
  • Accounting Management and Manage Markups
  • Live Chat and Feedback options

B2C Online Travel Portal Features:

  • personalized account creation
  • Booking Engines for Hotels, Flights, Holidays, Activities and Transfer services
  • multi language-oriented
  • 24*7*365 booking support
  • Registration and membership for customers
  • advanced coverage of the globe
  • multi-currency option.
  • proper security of personal data
  • quick options of booking or reservation of transportation
  • Live Chat and Feedback options
  • MIS Reports for the Administrator

The very next factor that weighs in the costing of the portal is the various features that you would like to have in the application. In today’s technologically developed market, there are an array of possible features available for any online travel portal. This software are designed as per the request of the clientele.

Various features like:

  • Area-based car booking
  • Convenient payment gateways
  • Trusted agent to handle the reservations

To perform these fearures in the smoothest way, it is mandatory to integrate it with GDS/API system. GDS/API integration would again affect the cost of setting up the website/mobile app. This integration will help to search out data that would help the business flow better.

The GDS/API aggregators provide consolidated data from multiple service providers and it the cloud which would enable the end-users to get highly competitive rates.

The Travel portals which are not associated with marketing activities on a daily basis for their services and products, using SaaS-based application would undoubtedly help them. SaaS enables their application to cloud-based connections and provides access to its functions to work remotely over the internet. This helps them to clear out the competition and create more lucrative deals.

The integration of GDS/API, as well as the inclusion of SaaS, improves the booking services. If your potential customers are visiting your website, the booking engine will directly connect it to the GDS and then exhibits the real-time data on the front-end.

This again gives in various factors that must be taken into account:

  • This integration depends on the choice of payment gateway used in the travel website.
  • Any travel portal can be dependent on the various types of flight booking engines, hotel booking engines and various other services like cars, cruises, holiday packages, etc.
  • With GDS integration available this GDS/API network help customers establish connections with booking agents and customers. The flight booking system integrated with XML integrations helps to connect better with suitable results. The API/GDS provides travel-related services to users.
  • The hotel booking engine helps to establish connections between the hotels according to the database and the third-party customers. These portals serve the functions to generate requests and convert them to bookings as end-results for your online travel website.
  • The aggregators and the integrated services would have access to databases and are well connected to various hotel servers making it easier and safer to serve the purpose of bookings. A multi-service provider booking engine ensures proper flow of business for your travel website. This selection of various qualities of search engine would hence vary the cost of setting up.
  • Another very much required feature for every travel website/application is a fast response car booking engine. The car booking engine will be integrated with various car rental suppliers, who will be fetching real-time inventories from the suppliers, at best possible fares made available to the end-users. The quality and responsiveness of these engines would determine the quality of the website and would also determine the initial set up costs.

Thus, using aggregators and using SaaS-based application would improve the quality of the website and hence attract the flow of business to the travel portal.

Various other factors also come to play when one plans their trip online. A customer would always lookout for a well-structured website based on responsiveness and the customization provided on the webpage. Proper and timely maintenance of the website/mobile application would always offer an upper hand to the website/app in terms of page views and business flow.

Security of data is one of the prime concern nowadays:

One should also ensure the safety of the personalized data of the customers, and this providence of security is also a significant factor in the success of any business.

Nowadays, with the advent of the internet all around us, everyone is well equipped for self-traveling. Having said that, despite all the technology at their usage, all travelers still love having a guide help to sort out the difficulties of planning their vacations — all these factors in setting up the best travel booking portal.

Summing Up

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