Why is a Mobile App Essential to Kick Start Your Startup Business?

Though the idea of ‘being your own boss’ or ‘Say no to 9-5 job’ seems appealing, stepping out of the comfort zone and working towards the implementation of the idea is a tough job. Startups are trending like they are everywhere. However, with tough competition in every domain and your concern about establishing the newly-started business faster, it has become essential to choose the right path for coming up with your venture, if at all.

According to research, there are more than 582 million entrepreneurs across the globe. Unfortunately, it is seen that 22.5% of startups do not survive for more than a year. Potential business idea, tons of efforts in planning, and getting the business live, numerous efforts are being invested, but one wrong move and the entire empire falls to the ground.

Of all the reasons that account for startup failure, lack of significant traffic is the most common. So, what’s wrong? Or what do you exactly need to do, so that your business witnesses decent traction, let alone a deluge?

Digitization has grown in leaps and bounds, and today, the best way to grab customers is through mobile apps. Nearly 80% of the population worldwide uses mobile apps and around 52.2% of the web traffic generated through mobile apps. Figures are enormous and so is the potential of mobile apps to make or break a business.

Whether you are concerned about enhancing your brand presence or luring customers to engage with your business, developing a mobile app is the best bet. And for startups, nothing would work better than an app, considering that you are new in the business and lack significant customer count. Right?

Even if you are still not sure and debating on the need for an app, we have enlisted seven reasons that compound towards the importance of a mobile app for a startup business.

Why Mobile Apps for Your Startup

Enhanced Brand Presence

Mobile apps stay on the mobile screen if the user makes use of it or not, customers always scan through the app drawer to find one that would serve their purpose then. The app still sits within the mobile and can be accessed by the user as and when required. The fact that mobile apps are very easy to use improves the likelihood of customers downloading an app to use your service.

Better Engagement

As compared to other online channels, apps are tailored to offer customers the ease to connect with your service or purchase a product. The app interface is such that it motivates users to buy a product. Developers embed tools and elements that are self intuitive and voice the business without actually being said or written.

Loaded With Features

Mobile apps are compartmentalized in a way that users need not struggle to find a particular product or service. Unique sections for different elements, apps offer users the ease to navigate through the same. From user accounts to a purchased list, order page, payment page, customers care option, a news feed, and many more, mobile apps are an ideal way to communicate with your customers directly.

Real-Time Notifications

Adhering to the canvas of possibilities, the present-day mobile apps are a lot more technological and have features that keep customers above all. As a matter of fact, mobile apps are capable of updating customers on their purchases in real-time. This allows 24*7 communication channel between you and your customers. So real-time notifications have higher customer engagement ratio. You can always convey your offers to customers for upsell or cross sell. This in a way, helps you connect with your customers and keep them updated with all bits of information.


Often, entrepreneurs are of the view that mobile apps or developing a mobile app for a startup might be a costly affair. In comparison to the same, they prefer developing a website for their startup business. However, this is just a misconception as reality has a different opinion. Mobile apps are far more cost-effective, considering the seamless connection it offers for the customers, elegant designs and the level of engagement an app draws.

Mobile is smart, at par with the industrial norms, and easily accessible. All of this has a compounding impact on the startup business, paving ways for a more considerable audience base and likewise, boosting the brand’s global visibility. Now the revenue earned through all of this is undoubtedly higher than that received by a website.

Technology – Driven

From employing chatbots to inducing AI-driven algorithms, mobile apps are all about technology. Integrating modern-day technologies helps entrepreneurs to keep track of their customer’s data and then monitor and analyze them to make better decisions. Websites, on the contrary, lack the efficiency of upgrading services based on the user’s expectations.

The Final Word

Having said all of the above, you must plan the app development process mindfully. No doubt, mobile apps for a startup can increase the brand presence and help you embark on success in the industry. However, you need to be careful about the measures you take to promote the app. Efficient planning and strategizing are essential to make the most out of the developed app.

In case you are about to start your journey as an entrepreneur and looking for an excellent way, then you would be amazed to know that building an app even before full-fledged website makes more sense as it would help you marketize your app and build an audience to support your startup business. Customers are king, and your business should have a presence on the medium that customers have in their pocket no matter what domain you run your business, if you do not have a significant traffic count, odds are your business isn’t doing good. So, to get away all of the unwanted problems, rethink the idea of developing a mobile app for startup and get started.

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