Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends and Predictions to Look For in 2020

In the emerging era of digitalization, to stay ahead of the curve and be front-end of the tech trend, it has become more than essential to keep up with the swift market changes. We have successfully already entered in 2020, and with the new year arrived, for SMEs to large scale entrepreneurs, everyone is looking for potential ways to maximize their business reach and intellectual as in this cut-throat competitive no one wants to miss out a single execution chance.

Well, being a renowned web and mobile application development company in NYC and NJ, we are here to help your business and make your mobile app stand out in the app store as well as Google play store.

Have you ever wondered how much app-dependent we all are?

Let Me Explain it With an Example

Consider this scenario as a real-life example, ‘you have an important business meeting tomorrow morning, and you will be required to travel a long distance so you have to wake up early in the morning. You simply set the alarm and go to bed without worries. Your alarm rings at 6.30 AM and you hit the snooze button until you wish to wake up. But the alarm keeps snoozing unless you realize it’s a special day’.

‘Here’s another scenario, you and your wife both are working, and you both came late from the office and you need to cook something for the dinner so, instead you open a mobile app and order your meal from the convenience of your home from on-demand food delivering app. You are using digital banking for the ease of payment. On the comfort of your couch, watching your favorite football match, you both are having your meal. How cool is that, don’t you agree?

Smartphone and mobile application development have transformed everything obviously for betterment.

Being a leading mobile app development company in NYC, we understand the significance of a mobile application in our routine life. Moving forward, let’s discuss the mobile app trends and predictions in 2020.

Trend #1 Foldable Device Application Development

Samsung Foldable Device news has already excited the entire mobile apps development market because before the launch, Samsung announced the support for foldable device application development. The new trend that will be amazing to watch for mobile apps development in 2020 is the seamless foldable device apps development using the screen continuity API.

At the Android Summit, Samsung declared about hundreds of the popular Android apps that are already being optimized for Samsung Fold.

The below image shows the two different types of mobile screens used for a single foldable device. Hence, the developer needs to develop an application that is responsive to both the screens without missing the screen continuity API.

Trend #2 5G, AR and VR

In the first half of 2020, 5G connectivity is expected to nationwide coverage. The rise of 5G will definitely enhance the power of Augmented and Virtual Reality apps development. So software developers whose expertise lies in this segment should tie their laces, now! Exploring games based apps on AR and VR and visiting virtual places will be indeed the best things to watch out in 2020.

Trend #3 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Do you know about the popular mobile application ‘FaceApp’ that was in the news around the year 2019? The app startup earned 1 million dollars until October 2019, which is simply mind-boggling.

It is one of the fantastic examples of using AI in smart mobile application development. Being a Mobile App Development Company in NYC and NJ, we strongly recommend our clients for emphasizing the use of AI in their application. AI is growing huge and aids mobile developers and businesses in many ways.

As per reports stated by Leftronic, more than 80% of customer interactions will be done by AI in 2020.

When Google itself is digging deep for AI and MI, why can’t the mobile app startups do the same for getting more exposure and benefits?

Trend #4 Chatbot, the Next Operator for Your Brand

Cost-saving is the first and foremost thing that each and every business requires to stay competitive in the cut-throat competitive market. And, Chatbot is the perfect tool to save your costs with its amazing AI. Starbuck is the perfect example with a chatbot application called ‘My Starbucks Barista’ that helps the customers to order the coffee the way they like. Considering the below statistics, it looks like more than 80% of brands will opt for chatbots by the end of 2020.


Trend #5 Digital Wallets, Mobile Wallets, and e-Payments

Digital payments are increasing because it is more convenient and quick through the digital wallet. The below infographics are represented by eMarketer depicting the use of digital wallets in the USA from the past three years.

Digital Wallets

The equation is very simple, more numbers of smartphone usage = more use of digital payments. With the growing smartphone era, the use of digital wallets and mobile wallets has enhanced tremendously. As per the reports published on the internet, the mobile wallet transaction is forecasted to reach USD 3,142.17 billion by 2022.

Other trends

Being a renowned Mobile App Development Company in NYC and NJ, we understand the significance of security with the growing digital app trends. The increasing digitalization might put a risk of personal data. Hence, mobile application security is also one of the trends to look in 2020.

In short, the new applications will have high-security embedded that helps the application to remain free from any viruses or threats.

Android Instant Apps, Beacon technology, On-demand delivery applications and cloud storage apps are also the predictions for 2020 and beyond.


If you are looking for improved and advanced Mobile App Development Company not only NYC and NJ, but across the US then you have landed on the right blog because we have top-of-the-line expertise and we very well know what does it take to fuel your business with flexible and custom mobile applications.

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