How Much Does It Cost To Build A Custom Healthcare Application And Why There Is A Need To Have One?

Every business has its unique requirements and so does the healthcare industry. With the increasing focus on service excellence, every business wants to enhance operation management and healthcare is not an exception to it. A hospital has numbers of different departments that work in tandems to render healthcare services to the patients. Every individual department has its own processes, activities, and set of standards. To deal with every aspect of the hospital, we have successfully developed so many custom hospital automation and management systems that cover all the Modules – IPD, OPD, Patient Care, Patient Registration, Reports, Pharmacy, Billing and Account, Discharge and Room Booking.

We have a team of skillful analysts, designers, and developers who can bring robust, reliable, secure, and HITECH/HIPPA compliance system that stands out your hospital distinctly among the competition. We have successfully developed a customized system for several clients with diversified requirements. It enriches our expertise and makes us more proficient in custom healthcare app development.

HIPAA data is classified as protected health information (PHI). As per the US law, PHI should cover the listed 18 points in total. Let’s have a look at the complete list:

  • Names
  • Geographical designators smaller than the state
  • Specific dates, date of birth or death, the date of hospitalization and discharge, etc.
  • Telephone numbers
  • Fax numbers
  • Contact emails
  • Social Security numbers
  • Clinical record numbers
  • Medical care insurance numbers
  • Register entry numbers
  • Certificate and license numbers
  • Serial numbers of cars and other identifiers belonging to the user
  • Serial numbers and other identifiers of devices
  • Web URLs
  • IP addresses
  • Biometric personal characteristics
  • Full face photos and any comparable images
  • Any other unique identifiers that point at a specific person

We build custom healthcare applications based on in-depth knowledge of the industry

Custom healthcare software development means that we will develop the best-suited platform, technology, or even the workflow for you. Our team of experts will not only help in merely getting the development work done, but will help you integrate the knowledge and will suggest best practices which you may not have even thought about. Our pool of resources owns a varied set of skills in multiple healthcare areas. Based on the requirements of the project, the resources are selected, and a team is formed. The most popular application categories for consumers are as follows:

  • Compliance
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Wellness
  • Medical reference
  • Medical condition management
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Remote consulting and monitoring

Modernizing Your Existing IT Systems

As you have invested so much in technology, so you should be undoubtedly free from the worry about your systems aging out. That’s why we are to help you. By taking the advantages of the latest IT system, we will present you with the modern set up that will for sure give you the peace of mind.

Migrate To Custom Healthcare Software

With the procedures, protocols, and technology in place, it has become so much easier to complete the project. We have developed such level of expertise to upgrade, standardize, and implement the newly developed application without any interruptions in your existing business. With the latest tech, newest standards, and best platforms, you can rest assured that the custom development can handle anything thrown at it. Custom healthcare application development is meant to achieve the strategic objectives along with the extraordinary results.

Custom Healthcare Mobile Apps for Patients & Doctors

Fitness & Healthcare Mobile Apps

Such types of applications are designed to manage personal health to track calorie intake, nutritional information, work out details, heartbeats, weight loss, and weight gain. The app users can have health and wellness tips daily push notifications.

Pregnancy Apps

To have an accurate track record of scheduled appointments with doctors in today’s busy world has become so much mandatory. These types of applications educate patients on prenatal and postnatal instructions as well as infant care through the mobile app.

Emergency/Urgent Care Apps

Get all the details as well as direction to reach the nearest hospital along with the approximate travel time and know the availability of doctor at that place as well as waiting time.

Medication Tracking App

These types of applications act as a personal assistant for taking a daily dosage of prescribed medication.

Chronic Care Apps

Patients’ suffering from a brain tumor, blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, or other heart diseases requires the constant attention of a doctor. Chronic healthcare mobile app is a one-stop solution to monitor the health of patients.

How much does it cost to develop healthcare Mobile Application?

At Technosip, we’re in the business of connecting people with their sculpting thoughts. In this procedure, we get lots of questions about app development; however, the most common and frequent question we get is, “How much does it cost to develop a mobile healthcare app?”

The above question lookalike, How much does it cost to build a home or buy a car?

I bet you can’t answer this super basic question. Because it depends on what kind of car you’re buying or house you’re building.

So, rather than moving here and there to find out the exact answer from different sources, let me present you with the essence of the actual information. This will help you to set some reasonable expectations for what a custom mobile business app will cost.

Let’s start with how much does it cost to build a custom healthcare mobile app?

Before we begin, all you have to do is select suitable technology/platforms for your application based on your business requirements. You can choose a single platform or multiple platforms, or you can also go for all the platforms to reach a broader audience.

Healthcare app development common Features;

Patient app
  • Appointment
  • Telemedicine
  • ePrescription
  • EHR
  • Pill Reminder
  • Wearable Integrations
  • One-click ambulance
  • Hospital Wayfinding Map
Doctor App
  • Doctor’s Profile
  • Schedule Management
  • Patient’s Dashboard
  • ePrescription
  • Clinical Photo Capture
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Patient Management
  • Doctor Management
  • Report Management
  • Inventory Management


What influences the cost of a health app?

Several factors can lower or increase the cost of healthcare app development. First of all, you would like to see at what you have already got and what must be done. what number features does your mobile app require to deliver its purpose? and how advanced are they? Determining that’s the primary step.

If you have already got some sort of system, there’ll be less work with back-end development, but if you wish it from scratch – that’s more hours and extra money . Same, if you need more products than simply an app. over one app (e.g., patient side and doctor side), website, web app, or desktop app are separate software pieces that need different skills and longer production time.

Technologies and frameworks you choose also are not without significance. Cross-platform app development can cost less than native, but it’s not as big of a difference as some claim. you also ought to consider your app’s design – should it’s simple or somewhat complex with animations and illustrations? that each one will be an extra cost – but at a similar time, they raise the worth of your app and make it more appealing for your potential customers. which investment pays off in the future.


Building a successful mobile application is not rocket science, but it requires comprehensive industry knowledge. To have the right software development partner is equally important. You will come across cheapest offer or rough offers, and there are high chances that you will come across such websites that ensure to build a platform in 4 to 6 weeks. Say no to them. Instead, work with an organization that has an excellent performance history. You are choosing coders but going for development partners.

Technosip is the right decision, because we not just build another mobile application, but ensure to lead you and your application to success. On the contrary, if you are still wondering how much does it cost to build a custom healthcare mobile application, then get in touch with us at to know the accurate answer.

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