Telemedicine App Development: Know the Cost to Develop Telemedicine App like Doctor on Demand

As if the busy schedule and inattentiveness towards one’s health were not enough, the COVID outbreak gave people one more reason to avoid visiting doctors and hospitals until it is absolutely essential. This has further increased the use of telemedicine and telehealth apps.

The success of digital solutions like the Doctor on Demand App that has 1+ million users and annual revenue of $195 million, makes it pretty clear that users intend to use online mediums rather than personal visits these days. So, if you are trying to build a full-featured telemedicine app, the idea is indeed good. If executed carefully, it can yield amazing results.

Read this blogpost to understand what is a telemedicine app, how it is different from Telehealth apps, why it is preferred, how to develop one such app, what are the main user roles & features of it and about the Telemedicine App Development cost.

What is a Telemedicine App?

A telemedicine app is built for providing healthcare services and consultation through remote resources. While some of such apps set up an online environment for distant e-meetings, a few telemedicine apps also give the option to book in-person visits whenever crucial.

Doctors and Patients are 2 major user types that a telemedicine app has. Besides this, a few good apps allow registration for the administrators (for a healthcare organization with multiple doctors) and insurance providers too. Your solution has to be HIPAA-complaint (in the USA) or adhere to the medical industry rules in your country/region.

A typical telemedicine app could be developed for web usage only, or for app-based use (iOS app and/or Android app mostly), or for both. It requires using the device’s microphone as well as a camera in order to allow video and audio communication between the patients & doctors.

Doctor on-demand app is a very good case study for innovators willing to initiate their telemedicine app development project soon.

Why is Telemedicine App Development Gaining a Lot of Traction?

A digital solution that could benefit both its service takers as well as service providers is surely a beneficial business. With the increasing demand for online medical services, telemedicine app development is the best way to provide medicine-related services.

Here are the benefits it provides to various types of telemedicine app users:

For Patients/families
  • Quick assistance (from within minutes to as per the scheduled time)
  • Very helpful in lending professional help in case of emergencies
  • Time-saver and convenient
  • A variety of services and choices among doctors
  • A better option for little medical issues (such as cold, flu, allergies, UTI, skin issues, anxiety)
  • It helps to avoid visit hospitals and medical centers as well as going out, preventing COVID from spread
  • A boon for people from remote areas of small cities with limited medical facilities
  • Pocket-friendly and saves money or re-visits
  • Taking online insurance or redeeming the existing insurance for online medicine services
  • Faster recovery and results (as the patient could avoid waiting in a queue or for multiple days)
  • Better healthcare for babies/kids or family members whom people would prefer not to take out of home these.
For Doctors/Service Providers/Administrators
  • Flexibility
  • Saves time by better management of patient records and appointments online
  • Helps avoid in-person meetings for small issues, as preferred in COVID times
  • Wider reach and more earning
  • Convenient access to EHRs for doctors as well as administrations
  • Easy and efficient online profile management for doctors and medical service providers

Telemedicine vs. Telehealth

Telehealth Apps and telemedicine apps are not the same. Instead, you may think of a telemedicine app as a subset of telehealth applications, considering the scope of both. While we discussed telemedicine apps a few seconds back, let us now example, what a telehealth mobile or web app could refer to.

A telemedicine app can provide a wide range of patient care services and is not limited to medical services only. It can provide either a collection of these services or enable any of these services in isolation digitally:

  • Employee training for the medicine industry
  • Medicine marketplace
  • Administrative solutions for hospitals/clinics
  • Consultation for mental/emotional peace, patient education
  • Fitness apps
  • Nutrition-related consultation services
  • Patient recordkeeping & aggregation
  • Prescription verification
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Telemedicine services, and so on…

How to Develop a Telemedicine App?

To develop a telemedicine app or a telehealth app, you must first finalize the scope of your applications, the money you can invest in it, the platform(s) for using this application, the areas you want to serve, and the Telemedicine App Development team for your requirement.

Thereafter, decide the modules to be added to the app and finalize your tech stack to begin towards app development.

Must-have Telemedicine App Features

In general, one such web or mobile application should have separate logins for different user types (e.g., doctor login, patient login, admin login, etc.), text messaging capabilities, video conferencing facility, meeting scheduling ability, the potential for EHR (electronic health records) keeping, Insurance verification API, etc.

Your telemedicine app has to have a robust database, good security implementations for patient records as well as doctor-patient interactions, and HIPPA (or other/more) complaints. Keeping its interface neat and user-friendly will improve your user retention rate.

Here are the features your app must have:

1. For Patients

Registration, chatting facility, ability to add patient/family records, audio call, video call, appointments, payment, insurance redemption/taking, giving reviews, viewing/searching doctors/profiles.

2. For Doctors

Registration, chatting facility, view & forward EHRs, audio call, video call, viewing/changing schedule, withdrawal of earning, maintaining doctor profile, monitoring one’s own performance.

3. For Admins

Adding/deleting users for their organization, insurance verification, viewing/forwarding EHRs, payment for using the platform, performance monitoring for organization’s various people, insurance verification, searching, appointment checking, money withdrawal, cancelling/confirming schedule, etc.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Telemedicine App Like Doctor On Demand?

There’s no one-word answer to this complex question as numbers of factors influence the cost from interactive UI to feature-rich UX, specific features based on client preferences. However, we don’t want you to live in the dark, so let me give you an example based on the telemedicine app project that we recently did and update you on how long it took us to develop a custom telemedicine app.

Our team of experts did a comprehensive research on targeted users and identified that New York’s physicians prefer tablets to smartphones to check patients during video calls, view scans, and for more. Based on that, we developed two native apps for doctors and patients.

This project took us around 312 hours of app development time, i.e., approximately 6 to 8 weeks. It could be more or less based on clients’ individual preferences and target user base

  • UX: 35 hours
  • UI: 45hours
  • Development: 155hours
  • Quality assurance: 45 hours
  • DevOps: 32hours

If you are interested in knowing more based on your individual preference and requirement, how much it would cost to develop a custom telemedicine app like doctor on demand, please feel free to get in touch with us so that we can provide you more accurate estimates that meet your needs at


Telemedicine apps help patients (or their family) access doctors, therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other types of medical professions in a few minutes without stepping out of the home. From trivial issues to emergencies, such apps are people’s preference to get immediate virtual assistance. Therefore, developing a medical solution as per the target location and necessities of users (e.g., Doctor on Demand App) can bring good revenue while improving users’ medical facilities. Isn’t it a win-win situation?

To build a one-of-a-kind application, get in touch with us. We are a globally renowned healthcare app development company, offering custom healthcare and Pharma software solutions like Physicians, Doctors, Medical Practitioners, Multi-Specialty Hospitals, and Small clinics.

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