Internet of Things in Healthcare Industry: Are You Witnessing A New Revolution?

Internet of Things has helped numbers of technology in the global industries, but one particular sector has benefited from the IoT is the healthcare industry. Smartwatches, smart washing machines, and smart passenger cars are a few examples of IoT. This is the reason why the term IoT has become so much famous in this digital era. IoT is enormously enjoying its popularity in every other field that is associated with the digital world.

Do you know the global market value of IoT by the year 2020 is estimated to reach $7.1 trillion?

And if I specifically mention about the healthcare industry, then there is an unbelievable upsurge due to IoT. Let me get you through in-detail how IoT implies in Healthcare.

How IoT implies in Healthcare?

Smart devices have made it possible to interact between machine to machine and machine to human, and that is why it has been termed as “Internet of Things.” IoT holds built-in sensors to smartly carry out the work to accurately collect the data for further analysis and action. IoT based wearable devices such as mobile healthcare apps, and health monitoring systems make use of real-time data so the users can have accurate and precise information from these real-time data. In the healthcare industry, IoT based applications provide tracking, monitoring, and proper management, along with accuracy, panning, and speed.

Let’s discuss how patients, insurance companies, physicians, hospitals, and individuals can get benefited.

Personalized Attention to Patients

Glucometer, heart rate monitoring cuffs, fitness bands, and many other wearables devices are meant to give patients’ access to personalized attention. Along with that calories intake, doctor appointments, blood pressure, heart rate can also be notified through such apps. IoT based healthcare applications allow continuous tracking of health conditions, especially of seniors. If there is any specific change in the routine activities of a person’s health, then family members and concerned health providers will be notified through the alert mechanisms.

Keep an accurate track of patients’ health

Healthcare professionals can proactively connect with patients. The infant and the elders in the hospitals face infection and hygiene problems that can also be prevented by IoT enabled hygiene monitoring systems.

Health Insurers

With the help of health monitoring devices, insurance organizations can leverage accurate, in-detail, and precise data. For them, it is possible to identify fraud claims. Between customers as well as insurers, IoT devices have created transparency in terms of pricing, underwriting, and risk assessment processes. Insurers are offering incentives to their customers for using and sharing health data produced by the IoT devices. For keeping track of their accurate routine activities, customers are also awarded a reward.

Surprisingly Applications of IoT in the Healthcare Industry

Patient Based Forecasting Module

It’s a kind of powerful application that fulfills the needs for long term strategic forecasting in pharmaceutical organizations. It is a combined multiple user modules leverages the assumption-based Oracle schema or a single user standalone database software.

Patient Recover Journey

These types of applications are designed to provide a healthier patient journey by instant attention via connecting to friends and family through email services.

IoT Consumer Applications

IoT technology acts as a team of advisors and security. Internet of things apps in consumer area work differently as it includes high-quality clever domestic automation programs to private health gadgets. So, IoT consumer applications are very varied.

Addressing Chronic Disease

Cure of health was never exciting, but IoT is a big breakthrough in the treatment of such issues. To deal with chronic disease in the 21st century with the wearable tech, next-gen analytics, and mobile connectivity is so much convenient.

IoT and Healthcare is Interconnected

I have listed a few statistics describing the use of IoT in healthcare and the overall industry.

  • More than 60 % of healthcare organizations have introduced IoT devices as their additional facilities.
  • 73% of healthcare organizations are making use of IoT for monitoring as well as maintenance
  • Approximately 64% use of Internet of Things in the healthcare industry is to monitor the patients
  • By 2019, 87% of the organizations have decided to implement IoT technology that is slightly higher than 85% of businesses across various industries

It has extensively recognized that interconnected devices are being used in such specific ways as gathering data from blood glucose levels, fetal monitors, temperature monitors, and electrocardiograms.

Moreover, the huge numbers of hospitals are introducing smart beds to regulate whether it’s occupied or not. Still, the Internet of things has a concern regarding security as well as data privacy. But, it does not matter as far as everyone is getting the right treatment and the doctors, along with the patients, work in complete harmony. Healthcare industry has harnessed the power of IoT and set the stage for personalized and on-time healthcare services for everyone.

The significant benefits of IoT in healthcare includes;

  • Improved Treatment
  • Cost Reduction
  • Faster Disease Diagnosis
  • Proactive Treatment
  • Error Reduction

IoT would certainly be advantageous in the Healthcare industry once it will be thoroughly tested. Certain challenges are there which is required to overcome as we are the onset of industry 4.0 and IoT in the healthcare is still a debated topic. But, seeing the existing growth in the domain, the result seems a favorable result for the healthcare industry.

However, if you are convinced with what I am saying above and want to leverage the advanced technologies build with HIPAA complaint adhering, then leverage our IoT app development expertise to build custom-tailored innovative healthcare solutions.

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