Make The Switch: Top benefits of Migrating To Salesforce Lightning

For more than 16 years, the look, as well as the feel of the Salesforce, has remained relatively constant. Back to 4 years, in 2015 Salesforce began endorsing its new platform – Salesforce Lightning. Lightning was introduced to bring new features, faster deployments, productivity, and seamless transition between desktop and mobile environments. Lightning has indeed been a game-changer and has helped in increasing business productivity.

For the past several years, Salesforce is encouraging its users to leverage the benefits of Lightning as all the essential features that the company rely on day to day basis are supported in Lightning. Those who are still using Salesforce classic and consider to upgrade to Lightning should undoubtedly make the switch. There are numbers of reasons to switch to Lightning, and I have put together significant benefits that why you should make the transition to Lightning.

Benefits of Salesforce Lightning:

Salesforce has made the user experience better and faster in Lightning. It is more responsive compared to Salesforce classic and is better suited for mobiles and tablets. It adapts to the device and gives the users a smooth experience.

Ease of use:

The lightning interface is modern, smart, interactive, and efficient. Lightning provides a consistent experience across every device, tablet, mobiles, and desktops. Each screen surfaces relevant information, streamlining the processes, and making the workflow intuitive. The lightning interface has two key improvements that bring delight to the customers. The features of the mobile experience are now available to desktop users in the collapsible navigation. The autosave feature and rich-text capabilities provide a better overall experience.

Customizable Homepage:

Salesforce lightning now allows the users to customize the homepage according to their requirements. It can be used to see the pending tasks and follow-ups, the leads that are assigned, and customers who are facing problems. The user can choose which information he needs the most and can customize the homepage accordingly. This has made the process very easy and increased efficiency.

Views are Smarter:

Salesforce Lightning features smarter analytics. It remembers the views that are most commonly accessed and helps the user to focus on the essential aspects. Information is displayed in a more dynamic manner and with a more significant visual impact than ever before.

More columns allowed on Dashboards:

Dashboards were restricted to three columns before Salesforce Lightning came into the fray. A lot of users had requested a four-column dashboard to make things easier and convenient. Their prayers have been answered with four-column dashboard, introduced in Lightning. The components on the dashboards are now animated and help the users to make data-driven decisions quickly. They can view many things on the dashboards like open and closed sales, amounts as well the deals with their closing date. Sales reps find things more accessible with a better visual and user experience. Lightning has upped the ante of CRM software.

Drag and Drop status changes:

The new Pipeline dashboard allows the user to manually move between the various stages of the sales process by dragging and dropping. The sales forecasts automatically get updated after a change is made. This helps the sales representatives to understand which stage each opportunity is in and gives them a better understanding of the target metrics.

A lot of companies are thus migrating to Salesforce Lightning.

Several notable reasons make the migration worth undertaking:

  • Salesforce lightning uses a set of UI designed for ease of use and speed
  • Helps in customization of any device in a faster and easier way
  • Enables users to work smarter throughout the platform
  • Increases the collaboration and productivity of the team
  • All current and upcoming features will be added in Lightning
  • Microsoft Office Access provides external support to ensure that contacts are synced and are up to date.
  • Lightning is way ahead in CRM compared to Salesforce classic. AI integration has been introduced with Lightning. It provides recommendations and studies with the data, in-detail as per the business requirements
  • The user no longer needs to juggle with multiple browsers for multiple actions
  • Lightning provides the option of inputting essential data even when the device is not connected to the internet. When the device connects back, the data is automatically synced
  • Migrating to Lightning gives approximately 53% salesforce productivity, around 40% of customer revenue growth and about 70% faster application development

There are plenty of reasons to migrate to Salesforce Lightning to take your business to a higher level.

Migrating to Salesforce Lightning is beneficial for the business in more than one way:

  • Email notifications/ alerts and mobile access is enabled
  • Provides maximum control over OOTB functionality
  • Increases the efficiency and productivity of sales reps leading to higher sales, by providing an engaging user experience
  • Provides more transparency into each step of the client on-boarding process
  • Improves time to market the products, and services
  • Get enhanced reports, dashboards, and charts: The reports have a new design with enhanced functionality. Reports can be added to the list views as well
  • Lightning helps in turning your company into an improved informational organization. In-depth and smarter analytics help you get the correct insight about what the customers expect and need. Your business decisions can be focused and efficient when you know what to deliver. A significant boost for any company, Lightning is the way to go
  • Improve communication: The new features of Salesforce Lightning enable your company to improve communication with the customers as well as within the company. Communication is the key to any business and Lightning shows you the way
  • Lightning helps in increasing the efficiency of multiple teams
  • Lightning improves communication as compared to Salesforce Classic, and this means a higher number of happy customers. Lightning helps you in understanding them better and gather organized data which can drive business decisions. Customers happiness is essential for any business to thrive, and Lightning gives you the tools to do just that. Build stronger relationships and take your business to a new level

Salesforce has developed Lightning, keeping in mind the needs of the modern business. It is a great tool to upgrade or migrate to for improving the company’s customer relationship management. To migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning, you need the right software development partner. To work with our certified Salesforce developers, simply fill up the contact us form and get in touch with us to leverage our top-of-the-line Salesforce development expertise. Migrate from your existing CRM to Lightning to help your business achieve new heights of success.

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