Staff Augmentation: Here’s How You Can Upscale and Upskill Your IT Capabilities

The success of any organization lies in the quality and efficiency of the staff. However, the tediousness involved in hiring the right manpower and retaining them is too overwhelming. Not to forget, the task demands a lot of direct investments that not every business can afford. This is where staff augmentation comes to the rescue.

Without keeping you engaged in all those stuff, this model brings the best of minds. If you haven’t heard of its capabilities and how it works, then this post is just the right thing for you.

What Makes Staff Augmentation your Real Savior?

Staff augmentation is a business strategy that involves recruiting skilled staff inheriting specific skills or expertise for a certain period without actually getting involved in the process of recruitment. The manpower is acquired from a third party. To have a better understanding of staff augmentation, have a look at this example.

You are an Android mobile application development company, and a project also demands iOS mobile application development. But, you don’t have any skilled app developer for iOS.

Instead of denying the project, we would suggest you accept it and hire iOS developers from companies offering staff augmentation solutions. They can offer you the desired one as per the need of the project.

In this hiring model, companies can gain access to required talent immediately and ensure timely service delivery. Staff augmentation has become a buzzword in almost every industry. But, lately, it has become a need of the hour for the IT industry as it’s hard to keep up the pace with the ever-evolving nature of this industry.

Technology that is a fad now will become out of the picture tomorrow. This is the reason why having a fixed size in-house IT team is never enough. With staff augmentation, one can hire the expertise of any technology as per the project needs. It saves a huge deal of time and effort while enjoying the best talent at disposal.

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Types of Staff Augmentation

Now that the basic idea of staff augmentation is clear, it’s time to understand its key types. In general, there are six ways of bringing staff augmentation at work.

  • Traditional staffing is used for all sorts of projects.
  • The master vendor is used when hiring should be in bulk and at lower cost and time.
  • Specialized Staffing and consulting involve hiring for a particular skill.
  • Gig platforms staff augmentation means hiring manpower from websites like Upwork and Freelancer. It’s usually done for short projects.
  • On-demand staff augmentation deals with hiring needed staff immediately from third-party.
  • Independent contracting means hiring individual freelancers without getting involved in any legal contract.

Do You Need Staff Augmentation

If you are in a fix regarding whether or not staff augmentation is right for you, then look at the below-mentioned points.

Staff augmentation is here to help you if:

  • You already have some experts or professionals working for you, and you certainly need added man force to extent team capability and capacity. Don’t bank upon staff augmentation solely. Having an in-house team, even though a small one, is crucial.
  • You need certain kinds of professionals on and off a basis. It’s not wise to have an in-house team for every skill.
  • You’re running low on budget and need timely project delivery.

Perks To Enjoy With Staff Augmentation

  • Staff augmentation gives organizations a chance to enhance their productivity in more than one way. Firstly, the core team is free from the recruitment burden and can converse the entire focus on other business-critical actions. Secondly, when you have skilled professionals, you know the project will be timely done. The hired staff will be committed to your project at a time and give their 100%.
  • Staff augmentation brings best-of-breed flexibility at work. You can hire professionals as organizational needs grow or shrink.
  • Enjoying the best ROI is another very lucrative benefit of the staff augmentation model. You pay only for the available facilities. With an in-house team, you might end up paying the professionals even if there is no related project going on.
  • Depending upon the type of staff augmentation model, you may not set up a physical office to own a seasoned team. Some might work remotely. It’s a great way to keep the operational expenses under control and enjoy a better profit margin.
  • As the hired professionals already know the nitty-gritty of the job, you don’t have to waste time and resources to train them. It warrants quick time to market and immediate assistance.

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Downsides of Staff Augmentation

Just like everything else, staff augmentation is not always a winning game. There are certain downsides as well, and it’s wise to get familiar with them.

  • As the team hired is not in-house, end-users have to control the team in the staff augmentation model. They are bound to follow the rules and regulations of third-party.
  • At times, it has been observed a significant communication gap between the team and organizations. If the gap is significantly wide, operational goof-ups are likely to happen.
  • Even though the staff augmentation service provider claims to be professional and adhere to security practices, handing over project details to an outside source has a certain privacy risk. Data theft and information misuse are likely to happen in this model.

Ace the Game of Staff Augmentation

No one can deny the fact that if there is one way to have skilled professionals at disposal without getting involved in any other hassle, then it is staff augmentation. For small businesses or start-ups, it’s a blessing in disguise. However, this step should be taken only after utmost care.

We would suggest choosing a vendor offering diverse skills to take care of all your needs in one place. The team offered should be professional and master of their trade. Don’t hesitate to ask for their qualification and expertise. The costing model should be highly flexible. Pay attention to the previous record of the service provider. Pay attention to all these factors, and we know that you won’t make a wrong decision.

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