A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Validate Startup Idea from Scratch

Apple once started in a garage is now a market leader.

Startups are a fad these days. And why they shouldn’t be? They offer job opportunities, play a crucial role in the economy of the nation, and contribute towards the nation building. However, establishing a successful start-up is not as easy as it sounds. Though you may be starting ground-level, you still need to have a strong foundation and initial capital investment.

Do you know that what Amazon today is because of the investment that Jeff Bezos’s parents made?

Yes. That’s true. The initial investment is what you need to bring your start-up idea into being. With this investment, you are going to get basic to advanced resources for the start-ups, can build the infrastructure and hire the manpower. But, the catch is not everyone is so convenient to invest in a startup. Even Jeff Bezos also had to do 60 meetings with the family and friends to ask to the initial capital investment.

Well, if you are also facing a tough time on how to validate startup idea, then it’s time to take the help of Technosip. We are a leading strategic technology solution provider offering robust product building support to our clients around the world. With our comprehensive software development support, you can ensure that your start-up is practically sounds, virtually secure, and flexible. All out IT solutions are well-aligned with your business goals and help you grow even in this cut-throat competitive environment.

How to Validate Startup Idea and Get Investors For Your Startup?

Investors think not twice but thrice before making a move towards your start-ups. As they are going to give away hard-earned money, they

Investors Like The StartUps Who Has Potential on Creating a New Market

Though you are a startup, you need to have a plan to present yourself in front of the customers in an impressive manner. You should have an impressive website, online market place, KPI dashboard,unique software, and a mobile app for easy accessibility to your start-up. With these tools, you can make sure that you are reaching out to the customers in an apt manner. Your investors also enquire whether you have kept a space for these tools or not.

We, at Technosip, have a team of skilled experts who have in-depth knowledge and extensive expertise on how to validate an idea for a startup so that you can have peace of mind and focus on what actually matters. We will help you design a technology product roadmap for your start-up. We also lend a helping hand to our clients to implement leapfrog strategic technological solutions. With the unique and par excellence UX/UI designing, we help you get an impressive solution that appeals to the customers.

You can leverage our mobile application development services, wherein we will design a mobile app to help your start-up business.

Software development is a core part of a startup business set-up. Depending upon the type of your business, you may need customer relations management software, marketing software, data analysis software, billing software, or so on. We, at Technosip, provide you a whole suite of application development solutions. We have a team of experts that will design the applications that meet your exact business requirements and impress the investors.

We Understand the Needs and Challenges of Startups
We take an Agile approach to build, establish and grow your startup. Since 2013, we have been accelerating startups.

Why Startups Fail – Startups Problems

Most startups entrepreneur think they are building the next big thing, something which will be viable for their end users. However; in reality, they wanted to solve a problem they ran into, instead of building a kind of solution that is highly meaningful to solve real-world problems and make other people’s live better.

Every startup is driven by the market; the market has hundreds of unsolved problems and opportunity gap which your potential business idea can fulfil. If you end up developing a solution for a problem which nobody has, then there are high chances for the success of your startups. However, as a strategic technological solution provider, I have seen that product owner address the failure in two different ways.

The market wasn’t ready. The product wasn’t ready.

However, startups don’t fail because the market was too risky, but they fail because they often lack a sense of self-awareness and not having the right strategic technological solution provider as their software development partner who help them validate startup idea in the most effective way. So the lack of right time is never a problem, but lack of direction is. The most significant thing to make your customers more successful is solving the biggest frustrations, challenges, and struggles as no startup has survived building nice-to-have features.

We are Startup IT Solutions & Services  Provider

We are helping startups from idea to product, from Minimum Viable product to scale-able go to market through our product building support. We provide comprehensive programming and software development support to create excellence that you crave for a better future. Our startup services include SRS document, prototype app development, technology product roadmap, UI/UX designing, customer-centric feasible solutions to escalate you startup into a successful enterprise.

Industries we serve:

You can have a startup idea related to any industry. When your ideas are not industry-specific, how our product building technology roadmap can be. Technosip believes that innovation and assistance should not be bounded or limited. That is why we have laced ourselves to support in various industries.

Our key sectors are:

Health and Pharma:

For every health and pharma industry, it is essential that their product building support is conducting operations that are HIPPA compliance and is updated time-to-time. Technosip will help your health and Pharma start-up to grow by leaps and bound by offering support to manage inpatient services and create EHR selection guidance.

Fintech and Insurance:

Fintech and Insurance is a complex industry. Here, data protection holds the utmost importance. Technosip offers a whole range of customized software development support for Fintech and insurance industry. We will help you set up SSAE 16 compliant secure data center, and will create a disaster recovery plan for your data, will make the cloud-space more secure to use and keep a record of any cyber fraud.


If you are into retail, then one thing you need to be assured that your billing and inventory should be updated. Technosip can design various POS for your retail business, can do customer data management, and create solutions to increase the in-store experience, will bring IT systems into PCI compliance, will help you do wireless transactions and so on.

Travel-Hospitality and travel industry:

Here, you need to be readily available to serve your patrons, helps you in doing this with ease. We can design booking software and application for your hospitality industry. Technosip can maintain your customer data on cloud space and can manage your online booking portal.


Fundraising is an imperative yet tough move that every start-up has to make in order to thrive in. The journey is not easy but can be less daunting if you know how to validate your startup idea along with selecting the right software development partner for your project. Technosip is the most trusted and reliable strategic startup development services provider helping startups around the world with web and mobile application development services to become a big gun from a startup. Leverage our strategic startup IT solutions and services to bring your innovative idea into a sustainable solution.

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