From Ideation to Excellence: How to Bring Your Startup Business Idea to Life

Story of Joey Underwood

Joey Underwood was driving home from his job at, stuck in traffic at Marina Boulevard in the pouring rain. On the other side of the road, a bike and segway rental shop for the tourists caught his attention; it was closed early due to the bad weather. Because of the rainy days, he saw the same thing the next day and the other day– almost for a week it was the same scenario. The owner of the shop wasn’t even showing up, so Joey concluded that no one wants to ride a bike or rent segway on the rainy days. And he thought it’s a pretty poor business idea.

And when Joey gave it an in-detail attention, he came to know that the shop owner is making money in rainy season based on how many days it rained. Then he did a little more research and discovered almost 75% of the businesses are affected by the weather every year. And this is where an idea sparked – weather insurance for businesses – when weather affects the businesses. However, Joey didn’t have an idea about how to run a weather insurance company, but fortunately, with the help of the right strategic technological solution provider, he successfully formed an enterprise. After raising couple of round of funding and growing into venture scalable business Joey sold the startup for couple of millions.

Just Like Joey How To Build Startup To Bring Success

The First Thing You Need To Stop Saying Is, “I want to do a startup or want to become next Zuckerberg, or Jack Ma or Elon Musk because you only know their story, not their journey.”

Dreaming of having a billion-dollar company is so easy, but when it comes to the actual scenario of “how to develop a startup idea is the real thought challenge that could appear.”

But, there’s good news, because of the digital revolution to the advancement of technology, it has become so convenient to have a product building support with the help of the right strategic technological solution provider. Many seasoned software engineers, CEO, CIO, VP, as well as first-time CTOs, are utilizing the most advanced technology to have a great edge in business competition. To help you bring success with your startup business idea, just like Joey, I have written a comprehensive guideline; let’s have a look.

Where Is Your Startup Business Idea Taken From?

  • Find out an opportunity that is not discovered yet. Bai – Beverage Company used their imagination and combined ingredients, white tea extracts along with organic coffee fruit and earned $100 Million in 2015
  • Livongo Health is using cloud technology to empower people with chronic conditions to live a better life and stay healthy
  • Rainn Wilson’s media and Production Company – SoulPancake, creates entertaining and inspiration content is now one of the largest growing media company in LA with 3,044% growth
  • Greg Gottesman and Philip Kimmey’s an online marketplace to buy and sell pet care services including pet sitting, dog boarding, and dog walking raised $155 Million funding

Identify Business Opportunities for Business Growth

Knowing your audience is key to success. If you don’t have an accurate understanding of the features you have chosen for your business, then the efforts will be in vain. So, ensure that you are not opting anything that you are not familiar with. Explore the market from your customer’s point of view.

Be Fast Enough

Mark Zuckerberg, Kevin Ryan, Thomas Gensemerand many more quickly reacted to the changing market needs and built a successful startup.

Be Creative

The CEO of Airbnb, Brian Cheskywas was unemployed, and he required some extra money, so Brain decided to offer a room with an air bed and breakfast. Today this American online market place has become a globally renowned name in the hospitality industry. Airbnb has completely revolutionized the tourism industry.

Be Visionary

Let me list down three types of startUpers who have a perfect type of vision.

  • The one who recognizes the human factors hid by the difficulties and have an idea what does it take to solve them
  • The other one, who has some skillful expertise and in-depth knowledge in building technological system to resolve the real-world problems
  • The last one who understands the problems associated with human factors and what does it take to solve them.

Several Risk’s You Should Never Ignore

Market Risk

Is there a genuine need for this product or service? Will people pay for it? Is there a market for your product or service? The first step is to identify answers to the above questions.

Product Risk

Another significant priority is to identify your service/product’s features, its worthiness, and the problems that can be solved or how it will make your end user’s life easy. If your product or service has real potential to solve the problems, then there are very high chances of success.

Financial Risk

To get up and running, your startup business idea requires investment. You can take help from your friends, family, angel investors, or family offices at the initial stage. But, for further growth, it is necessary to have potential investors as they will pay in-detail attention to your ability and help you articulate your business plan, to reach the next stage of development.

The idea will Get Copied

There are very high chances of getting your idea copied. While searching for potential investors and executors, it is easy to give your idea away, and risks associated with your startup business idea are simply out of control.

However, there are always ways to manage them. One of the best ways is to build Minimum Viable Product. Before you bring your idea to life, the essence of MVP is to narrow down your ideas into the smallest quantity of things that determine the viability of your assumptions. One of the significant advantages of MVP approach is you can quickly check the viability of your idea and market and quickly iterate your product accordingly based on realtime feedback. Also you are step ahead of your copy cat if you have right technology team by your side that put together a solid foundation and roadmap. This will help you save time, efforts and money then going approach of developing full fledge product with endless feature sets.

Wrapping Up

So, if you have a potential business idea and you want to start fast, rise strong and scale easily, then no worries! Get in touch with us today to know how to develop a startup idea from scratch. Moreover, we are a one-stop strategic technological solution provider for startups and startup accelerators. We have helped hundreds of startups to bring their product ideas to life. Even if your first attempt to create a successful startup experience wasn’t rewarding, don’t give up on difficulties. Remember, the Technosip team always stands by you to be a part of your success story.

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